VIDEO:Lightning Hits Army Students Learning Lightning Safety

Fact checked

A group of 40 army students were struck by lightning while going through a lightning safety training.

According to GeoBeats News:

Lightning has a habit of defying expectations.

Forty Army Ranger students and four instructors were hit by lightning on Wednesday—during lightning protection drills.

The incident occurred at 4:55 p.m. near Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

The students were six days into a 10 day training program referred to as the “Swamp Phase,” when they were learning about the “lightning protection protocols.”

Col. David Fivecoat, Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade commander took stock of the situation, “The Ranger students and instructors reacted and got everyone proper medical care quickly.”

None of the injuries were life-threatening and all 44 soldiers had returned to duty by Thursday evening.

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Royce Christyn

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