Texas Officially OUTLAWS Mask Mandates

Fact checked
Texas outlaws illegal mask mandates

Texas Governor Greg Abbot has issued an executive order outlawing the enforcement of unconstitutional mask wearing in the state, and will issue $1000 fine to any official who attempts to do so.

The order will come into full effect on June 4th and will apply everywhere, including in schools.

As of May 21st the fines can be issued to any government entity that attempts to force people in the state wear a face diaper.

Abbot declared that “Texans, not government, should decide their best health practices, which is why masks will not be mandated by public school districts or government entities.”

Summit.news reports: Abbot has been pushing to permanently scrap face masks for some time now, along with other restrictions, which were lifted back in March. 

At the time, Joe Biden and the leftist media labelled the move “Neanderthal thinking”:

The stats tell a different story, however:


  1. Masks are a deliberate side show distraction. The COVID shot is death in a needle that will be realized once the mutated strains come around. 100% of the animals died, but somehow it will save humans? Please get educated on the science stop allowing these Globalist jerks to put you down like a lame animal. Oh, and don’t pay any attention to the massive evidence that the election was stolen and thousands of people committed treason doing it and are working together to lie, cheat and steal their way out of being exposed. The mask mandates where draconian, but they are just a minor issue to keep the masses looking the wrong way.

    • It was stolen to put them into place to carry out the globalists plan to leave America vulnerable to a take over using propagandas and the rule if law working together to legally deceive the population covid s a part of it all as it gives them power over every authority ,and over the will of the people by playing Dr Goody teo shoes who cares .As if .

  2. Everyone know only special masks protect against viruses .From that alone its perfectly clear they’re lying deceiving pieces of crap who deserve jail and execution

    • No virus has ever been isolated and proven to exist and CAUSE sickness . What we know as a virus is the result of our cells healing themselves from being poisoned and overloaded by processed foods , drugs and alcohol , stress , false vaccines , etc . The germ theory is a trillion dollar fraud that is the basis for what will be the total enslavement of humanity through false vaccines and 5g

  3. the population of xas is like what less than 1% of marica so by nosts wearin them maskies your little doggys will get dah covid and NO MORE Hamburger for YOU all.Keep your infection in xas and I`ll never set foot there

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