Dashcam Captures Tianjin Explosion [Video]

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Explosions at China's northern city of Tianjin have been captured on a car dashboard camera

The massive explosions at the North China port city of Tianjin on Wednesday took place in a warehouse that was housing a shipment of explosives and volatile goods.

The devastation at the chemical factory has killed 85 people and injured over 700 . The blasts are caught on a car’s dash-cam from a kilometer away. On Saturday seven or eight new explosions rocked the blast site at Tianjin, prompting an evacuation of a three Kilometer radius.

GlobalLeaks News YouTube Video:Tianjin

Dashcam video has surfaced online showing the Tianjin explosion from just over a kilometer away.
The explosion was caused by a shipment of explosives, which caused multiple secondary explosions.


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