Congress Urge Immediate Investigation Into Epidemic Of Missing DC Kids

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Members of Congress have called upon the FBI and Department of Justice to investigate the epidemic of missing young people in the nation's capital - as a matter of urgency.

Days after Trey Gowdy put the Washington D.C. elite pedophile ring on notice, members of Congress have called upon the FBI and Department of Justice to investigate the epidemic of missing young people in the nation’s capital – as a matter of urgency. 

Washington D.C. police have also suggested the elite pedophile ring has been in operation in the nation’s capital “for a long time.” Speaking to a community group, a police chief said “The disturbing fact is we do have that many kids that go missing in our city and it’s been that way for a long time.”

D.C. police have urged young people to “stay home in order to avoid becoming the latest victims of the elite pedophile sex trafficking epidemic that is plaguing the nation’s capital.

The extraordinary advice from D.C. police comes days after the first Democrat elected official pleaded guilty to raping a child, and adds weight to President Trump’s claim that the nation’s capital is suffering from an unprecedented sex trafficking plague.

Missing children have become a hot topic in Washington D.C. this year after a huge spike in the number of teens and children going missing coincided with claims that an elite pedophile ring is operating in the city.

The number of missing children in and around Washington D.C. is so high it is simply unfathomable.

Members of Congress have finally begun to act, spurred by the anger of their constituents and work by the alternative media in highlighting the problem. “Ten children of color went missing in our nation’s capital in a period of two weeks and at first garnered very little media attention. That’s deeply disturbing,” reads a letter signed this week by Congressional Black Caucus chairman Cedric Richmond and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton. It calls upon the Justice Department and FBI to investigate and “return these children to their parents as soon as possible.”


At a meeting at a neighborhood school on Wednesday, the co-founder of the Black and Missing Foundation suggested the human trafficking ring that President Trump has vowed to destroy could be preying on low income teens and runaways.

[Trey Gowdy Fights Tears As He Vows To Destroy Elite Pedophile Ring]

There has got to be an enormous investigation that starts today, trying to figure out what has happened to all these missing girls in Washington,” Harvey Levin from TMZ said in a video post yesterday. “I was around and a reporter during the Hillside Strangler case and I remember women started disappearing. People didn’t jump on it fast enough. People died as a result. That shouldn’t happen again. A couple of dozen young black girls, there is some pattern here, have gone missing in the Washington D.C. area. This has got to be investigated on every level. The dots need to be connected.

Comedian DL Hughly also slammed law enforcement and mainstream media for focusing on the wrong issues. If only the teenagers missing in Washington, DC, were wearing Super Bowl jerseys, he said, they might be found as quickly as Tom Brady’s lucky shirt.

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  1. Good thing the police are urging children to stay home. Beats actually putting in some effort and arresting the pedophiles.

    • Alex Jones was threatened with a lawsuit by Jimmy Elephants (don’t dare use his real name) if he didn’t shut down discussion of pizza pedo gate on his web sites. The missing girls are missing because an alarm went out, ‘forget white toddlers and babies, snatch the browns’. Why is it a stretch of the imagination to think prominent politicians are immune for what is a glorious tradition of Congress of the USA apparently–sex with kids! The House page program came to a scratching halt after too many boys and girls were ‘touched up’ in the House cloakrooms by degenerate ‘gentlemen’ and Honorables–A SHAME TO THE NATION!!! A side note: witness Veep Biden molesting kids in front of their parents and on the House floor, on YouTube. Many videos exist of that old creep and the parents don’t seem to mind, but AG Sessions is seen quickly escorting his young relative out of Biden’s greasy reach.

  2. Makes you wonder what hasn’t Anthony Weiner been charged with child porn along with Clinton and her illegal transfer of US state secrets while at the state dept…. Comey has a lot to answer for his failure to proceed with indictments, look more and more like he is covering up for Clinton and her cronies.

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