You Won’t Believe What This Bride Did For Her Dying Mom

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Bride Moves Wedding To The Hospital

Most brides who spend months and even years

planning their weddings would never dream of

changing even one detail at the last minute –

but that is exactly what Cathryn Copeland

and her fiancé, Conner Wood did upon finding

out her mother was hospitalized with terminal cancer.

So what does a bride do, having spent months planning a wedding, when her mother can’t attend?  Well, in this very not-so-blissful situation, the bride moves the wedding to the hospital where her mother has been getting care!

Bride moves wedding to the hospital

In an article for Yahoo! News titled “Bride Moves Wedding to The Hospital So That Terminally Ill Mom Can Attend” [1], they explain:

Cathryn Copeland and her fiancé, Conner Wood, spent months planning their Nov. 1 wedding, but when Cathryn’s mother, Janet, was hospitalized with terminal cancer, their plans quickly changed.

The couple not only switched the date of their big day to Oct. 22 but also changed the venue: They moved the event to Janet’s hospital, M.D. Anderson in Houston. Cathryn, who goes by the nickname “CC,” and her mother had their hair and makeup done in Janet’s hospital room.

Then, 75 friends and family members gathered in the hospital’s garden for the ceremony. Photographer Jess Barfield, who captured the beautiful images of CC and Conner’s day, said of the event, “I’ll never forget the moment CC and her dad were ushered through M.D. Anderson and patients clapped and cheered all the way to the ceremony. The joy was contagious; the day was sacred.”

Sadly, just two weeks after the couple’s special ceremony, Janet passed away, but not before she got to see her daughter tie the knot with the love of her life — every mother’s dream.





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