First Democrat Official Tied To Elite Pedophile Ring Pleads Guilty

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Former mayor Richard Keenan pleaded guilty to raping a young child, as Trump continues to take down members of an elite pedophile ring.

Former mayor of Hubbard, Ohio (D) Richard Keenan has admitted in court to raping a young child, as President Trump’s urgent investigation into the elite pedophile ring that has infiltrated Washington D.C. and politics nationwide continues taking down high-profile perpetrators.

Keenan previously blamed the 4-year-old victim for initiating the acts, describing her as a “willing participant“. He is now facing life behind bars.

The Youngstown Vindicator reports that according to court documents, the victim told Keenan’s wife about the sexual abuse that began when she was 4-years-old and lasted for three years.

When Keenan’s wife confronted him about the allegations, he responded, “I did it.”

The Democrat mayor also confessed to the allegations to his pastor, a social worker and his brother and sister-in-law, according to documents filed by the assistant prosecutor.

Keenan admitted himself into a psychiatric facility after the admissions because he said he was feeling suicidal.

Filings obtained by the Youngstown Vindicator go into extensive detail about his purported admissions during group discussions at the psychiatric ward. He allegedly said he blamed the victim for initiating the acts and said she was a “willing participant.”

WKRN reports that Keenan was visibly shaken Friday as he changed his plea to guilty on 20 counts of sex crimes, including eight counts of rape. Keenan agreed to a life sentence with the eligibility of parole after ten years.

According to court documents, the abuse began as early as September 2013 when the victim — who Keenan knew — was just 4 years old.

It gives the victim some closure. Obviously, keeps this young child from having to testify and I think it’s a good result given all the facts and circumstances,” said Assistant Prosecutor Gabe Wildman.

He said prosecutors have a responsibility to do what’s best for the victim and that they accomplished that Friday.

Not bringing her in here to have to testify in the small courtroom with this man in there as well.

Keenan’s family was emotional. They lashed out at reporters after the hearing and tried to block him from the camera’s view.

Prosecutors said this just goes to show how difficult these cases are for everyone.

I think what we’ve seen today is that they’re tough, right? They’re tough on everyone. They’re tough on the defendant’s family, they’re tough on the victim’s family, and obviously, our concern lies with the victim’s family,” Wildman said.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. The death penalty or medically approved Castration is the only solution to this uncurable psychopathic malady.

          • If you really did know, you would not say what you are saying.
            There is something wrong with them mentally.
            They can NOT be cured.
            Ask any person who has the horrible job of having to deal with them. Even in sessions for a cure, they get excited, even on meds.
            How do I know this? I have a friend that works with these people, men and women. She hates her job but loves the pay.
            She has NEVER seen anyone cured. She has been doing this job for 28 years. She does what others refuse to do.

          • Another know-it-all that doesn’t know shit, but somehow knows what I do or do not know. You don’t have a clue what I do for a living and you couldn’t be more wrong. Did I say anywhere that they can be cured?

        • Wrongo, it’s not about SEX it’s about control and having power over someone, sex can be had inj any big city on almost any street corner for a little money.

          • You’re clueless. You would only say something so stupid if you don’t know anything about the testerone/dopamine connection in the brain. Don’t pretend you know wtf you’re talking about, you don’t. I do.

          • So why don’t you “cure” the bunch of them using your “genius”…….what good does your so-called “understanding” do for the victim(s) and what protection are you offering future victims?
            BTW – from what country did you obtain stats on a large enough series of convicted pedophile-castrates to glean your “insight”. Anything published in peer-review ? Don’t bother telling me I couldn’t understand it – I used to edit it. Fluff off.

          • 1:3 And the king spake unto Ashpenaz the master of his eunuchs, that he should bring certain of the children of Israel, and of the king’s seed, and of the princes; Daniel

            The eunuch was allowed the be in the harem of the king for a reason !!! There was nothing he could do to the women !!

          • Not entirely true in every case, but I do agree in most cases. It’s not that cut and dried. There are innumerable causes for a rapist to be wired wrong. The fact eliminating testosterone production reduces the proclivity to be triggered by sexual stimuli cannot be ignored. Don’t be a simpleton. And don’t assume someone that knows volumes more than you ever will on the subject needs to do research. I could write the book on this shit, chief.

          • First of all chief, I got rid of the TV set in the 1990s and never liked Oprah or her show. SO far all we see from you is FLUFF and claims, even Toni curti has you figured out judging by his comments!
            Here’s some reading for you:

            “The etiology of pedophilia can be attributed to both biological and
            environmental factors. Case studies indicate that cerebral dysfunction
            may be a contributing or dominant factor of pedophilia (Scott, 1984),
            including problems with self-control, extreme urges, and cognitive
            distortions. Many experts also believe that disorders for sexual
            preferences emerge from childhood experiences during critical periods in
            human development (DiChristina, 2009). In many cases, child sex
            abusers suffer from traumatic experiences during their childhood.

            More specifically, pedophiles tend to also have been molested as
            children. As children, they lacked the ability to control the


            By sexually assaulting children, pedophiles attempt to
            re-live the trauma they experienced and they learn how to master it. A
            complete role reversal gives them the upper hand and prevents them from
            being victimized.


            Overall, through the impact of cerebral dysfunction
            and traumatic development, the sexual urges and desires for children can
            become ingrained within a person’s nervous system.

            Role of the Brain

            There is significant evidence that indicate structural abnormalities
            in the brains of pedophiles (Schiffer, 2008). Abnormalities occur when
            the brain is developing and can be on-set through certain experiences,
            such as sexual abuse as a child. Abnormalities in the brains of
            pedophiles may result in compulsion, poor judgment, and repetitive

            These abnormalities in the brains of pedophiles are caused by early
            neurodevelopmental perturbations (Schiffer, 2008).


            The use of
            functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRIs) and positron emission
            tomography scans (PET) has revealed that the abnormalities of pedophiles
            exhibit appear in the frontal and central regions of the brain. In
            particular, there is a decreased volume of gray brain matter in the
            central striatum. As a result, the nucleus accumbens, orbital frontal
            cortex, and the cerebellum are all affected (Schiffer, 2008).

            These areas of the brain play an important role in addictive behavior.
            The accumbens is the central mediator of reward signaling and
            expectation. The striatum and orbito frontal cortex control this reward
            system. As a result, this contributes to the etiology of pedophilia
            because a reward deficiency complication disturbs the neurotransmission
            of dopamine involved in compulsive and addictive behaviors.”

            Nowhere do we read anywhere it’s caused by lack of getting dates or opportunity, inability to find a cheap prostitute or similar to “get off” with. After all, there’s not much a freaking 5 year old boy has that an adult WANTS, I mean his dick is smaller than my pinky and doesn’t shoot anything so it’s basically useless, pretty much the same goes for a female that age- way too small and undevelped to begin with, MUCH easier to find a $20 hooker and drive someplace for a fast one if sex is all there is to pedophilia which it’s not.

          • Well, I’m glad you’re able to fulfill your urges with a $20 hooker, hopefully it will keep you away from kids, Chief.

          • Stellar example of an asshole who just lost a debate. Attack the messenger rather than the substance which shows you have no substance at all.

          • You haven’t been following along have you,dipshit? If you had been you would know that I won the debate handily. Yes, I grew impatient with his ignorance and stupidity. I blocked that idiot.

          • BTW you presumptuous know-it-all: my board certification in Anatomic & Clinical Pathology was issued in November, 1985. Retirement affords me a huge range of expressive latitude.

          • Who gives a fuck? Nobody here I’m sure. So why do you spend it saying stupid shit to people you don’t know and being a dickhead? Dickhead.

          • Have your boyfriend give you another enema………asshole. Pedophiles need to be exterminated.

    • Even chemical or surgical castration doesn’t work many times unless they’re castrated just below the chin. The problem is in their brains, not their testicles.

      • Pray Hard, it is a heart problem. The devil was allowed to possess the pos who does such evil! He should be killed immediately, because he made the choice to ruin a small, innocent child.

        • The devil? there’s no such thing any more than there is a Santa Claus who comes down your chimney, even if there was a devil it proves your invisible god/Santa Claus knew it would happen, stood by and did NOTHING and let a child be raped, tortured and murdered, in total collusion with the perp every step of the way, what a POS!

    • Castration would only limit him a bit. Sex is in the head and adding an evil heart makes it baaaaaad. THAT’S what Ashley Judd should have been “baaaaaading” about.

    • “Uncurable psychopathic malady.”

      You’re displaying pretty severe ignorance in several ways.

      (1) The word is “incurable.” There is no English word “UNcurable.” Yes, correct usage matters.

      (2) It’s not incurable. Sexual addictions are among the more difficult addictions to address, and it takes a great deal of effort to recover from one, but the recovery rate is comparable to the recovery rate from substance addictions.

      (3) I’m not sure what you mean by “psychopathic malady,” but a chronic sexual disorder is not psychopathy, even if it causes severe damage to the victims involved.

      I know it’s vogue to say things like “Kill the (*&(@#$, he hurts children,” but the truth is that unless we’re talking about the ones who really ARE psychopaths, child molesters seldom murder their victims, and people really do survive molestation. So I think the death penalty is extreme, and the “grab your torch and pitchfork!” mentality that you’re manifesting really is pretty dangerous.

      I do think that the penalty for child molestation needs to be pretty severe, but I’m not interested in basing policy on ignorant people expressing their emotions without thinking.

      • Thankyou for pointing out my typo mistake, uncurable rather than incurable, your ignorance of de-humanized psychopathic behavior indicates a lack of scientific research, and perhaps a sympathetic approach to deviancy.

        • Actually, I spent about 15 years in recovery from sexual addictions, myself, and read quite a few scientific studies discussing the matter, as well as holding conversations with professionals in lots of instances. But you should feel free to prove me wrong by posting the “scientific research” that supports your assessment of “de-humanized [sic] psychopathic [sic] behavior.” I’ll be notified when you do, and will check back to get the citation.

          Of course, you never will, because in fact there does not exist any such research. The research supports the position I explained. Sorry, it’s just a fact.

          Oh, and by the way: I don’t believe for a millisecond that “UNcurable” instead of “INcurable” was a typo. Your usage was bad, just as it was when you hyphenated “dehumanized” and when you used “psychopathic” inaccurately to describe a compulsive sexual disorder. You actually don’t know what any of things are, do you?

  2. It’s absolutely insane and moronically left that this self admitted child rapist is free on bond! Investigate the magistrate that is sympathizing with him.

    • They are all mates they do these things themselves hence the bizarre behaviour in allowing this sun human to even live never mind walk freely

      • A reminder: this report title reads “First Democrat Official Tied To Elite Pedophile Ring…”
        No. I don’t think this is the end. Else why would it say “First…”-?
        Rumors have been flying for years on some at the very top of the – – – er, “food chain”, if you get my drift. I am seriously afraid we are dealing with far from an isolated case.

  3. You’re damned right I don’t give a fuck about the perp’s family. He should be raped repeatedly and burned alive.

    • He will have a hard time in jail my understanding is the real hard criminals look down on child rapists. He will not come out of jail unmarked.

      • If the inmates can get hold of him long enough, they’ll tattoo “CHOMO” on his forehead. That stands for “child molestor”. Either that or kill him.

      • I worked in prisons for roughly 8 years. They try to enforce the rule that you can’t disclose who is incarcerated for child rape if you happen to know at all. IF you blab and as result a pedophile gets roughed up or killed that “whistle blower” could be held liable. The best way for it to become known is for their to be WIDESPREAD publicity before the perp enters the system (as in this case) They all Watch TV – they’ll be waiting for him. And no – he won’t fair well. Remember that hispanic guy from Ohio who kept 3 girls imprisoned in a house for 10 or more years? Committed “suicide” within a week of entering the prison system?? I think it was either “Suicide by choice” – the alternate punishment would have been far worse, or the other inmates just strung him up and no one will ever try to prove otherwise. GOOD! My own personal view is that punishment should be death upon conviction. You have one week to settle any personal business, then ADIOS AMIGO!

          • I understand Bubba is looking for a new cell mate is old one is just worn out from getting butt f*cked.

          • Acquiring an HIV infection while in prison could be an interesting “adding insult to inury” to the usual pedophile’s sentence……..the diagnosis would probably be delayed because of the bureaucracy. But you have to make sure the perp stays in and hopefully dies in prison, otherwise he’s likely to get out and spread the “good chear”. KAKAKAKAKAKILLLLLEMALLL.

          • Getting HIV is still too slow of a way to go even without medications. It can remain undetected for 10 years before symptoms even begin. Nope, I say let the prisoners do what they gonna do with the pedophile. Glad to know there is some sort of moral code among thieves.

          • The article said that he got life with parole possible in 10 years. Hopefully he won’t live that long.

          • PRison is a perverse place. This butthole is a little like a dirty cop going to jail (they usually let them change their names) except that he will be recognizable, and I am pretty sure hise notoriety will precede him. They’ll know they toppled a “get-elected” and he’ll be recognizable from his prior publicity. He will be forced to “Side-up” (join up with [most likely] the white population) simply because of the length of time he’ll be inside. NOw here’s the ironic prison political perversion: just because he “sides white” doesn’t mean they’ll really “protect” him – he can be manipulated into all sorts of wrong for that “protection” and they’ll be only to happy to inflict it. Additionally: they could pimp him to their adversaries as a “peace offering” or part of a “negotiated settlement” for a drug deal, property “rights” swap or the like. HE’s going to be brutally useful if they let him survive. GOOD.

          • Watched and shared the show. HARD to watch. Its been going on for so long. Read a book years ago written by an FBI agent who tried exposing it. Never went anywhere. Too many “important” people involved. Hope and pray that now is the time for this to be exposed AND ended!!! I believe it is the main reason why the elitists are so determined to stop President Trump. He is not one of them and has made a determined effort to stop them and their satanic lust for destroying the innocent. We pray the Rosary each night for this to end.

          • AGree. I think Dr. Phil may have helped turn the corner on this. NOW it is a matter of getting the message as widely spread as possible; Trump needs to align and strike now. National coverage, with McGraw ANd ALEX JONES (INFOWARS – he was either coerced into an apology by Washington DC Lawyers or the apology was fraudulently pieced together. In any event he tried to debunk the apology yesterday and Youtube took him down. now with McGraw, Googl and youtube can’t squash it. They have to be running scared, so I think they will definitely turn up the heat in the immediate future.

          • Am hoping Dr. Phil will keep her safe within a “safe network”. He said something at the end of that episode about still being in contact with someone he had given help to 10 years before. Gave me some hope. This horror leaves one not knowing who to trust. We continue to pray. We have “safe houses” here in the small county I live in. A friend told me about them and the child trafficking that goes on in our area. So enmeshed in our society! But once out in the open it CAN be stopped. Will take prayer as well as action, as we recall the fact that Our Lord Himself called Satan, “the Prince of this world.” He lost that title by the power of the Cross and Resurrection but holds it thru those who do his bidding. has good info on Pedophile rings

          • Keep in mind that if anything happens to her and/or Dr. Phil it is going to focus more attention on a world that needs darkness to flourish. They already had Dr. Drew conveniently removed from the air when he publicly questioned Hillary’s medical record and treatment. Would they risk doing the same thing twice? That has to be a rock and hard place, at least temporarily. He could conceivably have her stay in his custody 24/7. I wish she had named names.
            Keep in mind that NAMBLA was allegedly given NGO status by the UN, so pizzagate is just a subsidiary of worldwide Pedogate. I was reading about that guy Jared (of “Subway” Fame) and recall the statement that you need completely different software tools to access sites – it’s almost like a separate internet just for them. The fact that the FBI has never mentioned doing anything about eliminating that world forces me to suspect that Comey in particular is either compromised or a willing participant (I suspect the latter). Thanks for the heads up on; take a look at this:

          • The original lawsuit was filed April 2016 in California by a woman calling herself “Jane Doe”and dismissed for technical errors. Brought forward again when the slew of women came out of the woodwork after Candidate Trump, at the 2nd Presidential debate, apologised for the tape recorded conversation on a bus 11 years before and then proceeded to enumerate (much to the horror of the leftists) the ACTIONS of former President and rapist, Bill Clinton. Ms “Doe” promptly dropped the charges about a week before the Nov 8th election. She was then, and remains, an anonymous plaintiff with two anonymous witnesses whom NO ONE in the press ever spoke to. Investigations linked the lawsuits to Norm Lubow, former television producer with a history of allegations against celebrities. The story had been shopped around to media outlets for over a year before the lawsuit was filed. Ms “Doe” was represented by Lisa Bloom, daughter of Gloria Allred, famous civil rights attny and legal analyst for NBC News. Ms Allred also represented Summer Zervos and several of the other accusers who stepped forward after the 2nd debate. They did not step forward when Trump announced he would run for President of the US, nor when he won the Rep party ticket, not before the first debate, not even before the 2nd debate – but only after Dems failed to discredit Donald Trump in the eyes of the American people who (#1) BELIEVED THE SINCERITY OF HIS APOLOGY and (#2) KNEW THAT HE WAS THE MAN WHO COULD STEM THE TIDE OF LAWLESSNESS OVERTAKING OUR NATION and (#3) WOULD NEVER EVEN CONSIDER CASTING THEIR VOTE FOR THE SERIOUSLY CORRUPT HILLARY CLINTON.
            President Trump is not one of the controlled Washington politicians, which is why they fight to stop him with all means at their disposal. Their very hearts are in the gutter and from there came the vile accusations – which Trump branded “disgusting at the highest level” and a “hoax” – calculated to impact the presidential election in favor of their “girl”.

          • I have almost no regard at all for convenient rape allegations, especially when they are more than 10 years-old, come from California (where Follywood and its trance-induced suspension of disbelief has more influence than truth, justice or common sense) and only arise when someone who threatens the politics of Follywood, its sordid secrets, and it’s political allies (ie: Obama or Clinton) appears on the national scene. Case in point: roughly 50 Follywood slugs came forward and accused Bill Cosby of all sort of infamnia, but not a single one of them ever ended up in court and one even came close to even bothering to prove the allegations. The first to open her plastic-surgically altered suck hole was the coke whore Janice Dickenson, who BTW accused Sly Stallone of being the father of a child she had with a failed actor turned dope dealer. (Wasn’t it too bad for her bank account that the paternity test disagreed with her psychotic view of reality?) IT only got worse from their. Even the case in Philly has not resulted in any conviction. IMHO: all of this was assasination by sheer repetition of propaganda; as Goebbels “The Clown” is noted to have said: A lie told once remains only a lie, but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth. Follywood and the media are nothing but propaganda whores for its allied politicians. Cosby’s assassination was OBama-Brand payback for the fact that Cosby was critical of him since the first day he took office. Lastly, during the 70’s and 80’s it wasn’t only popular to give girls quaalude in Follywood, it was going on all over the damn country. It was like the first “roofie”. Then came cocaine, and there were no shortage of “starlets” who gave all for its charms too, and will claim they were victimized only because they lost their limelight. Assassination by sex and drugs is one of Follywood’s tools; they know how to use it well, imo the proof of that is in Dr. Phil’s video, which BTW has NOT been taken down: Anyone who wants to view it – just go directly to, (do not click on the link I provided in my prior comment) get on Dr. Phil’s channel and look for it. I think it will be there for quite a while because if you study the credits you’ll find that it was produced by Dr. Phil AND HARPO PRODUCTIONS. I doubt any Follywood, Washington or NY pervert(s) has what it takes to buck Oprah when it comes to child rape, sex slavery and murder. I also have little doubt that at least a few of sadistic cowardly adherents of these practices are sadistic misogynists.

          • Really??? I never heard about this! Must be a lie to get him out of the oval office!

          • Those scumbags at youtube and google do that a lot. IF if goes for insight into truth, if it’s outing the power elite, they act to suppress. They should have renamed that company KGBGOOGL instead of the more bland “Alphabet”. (IT’s like calling a child rapist “minor attracted”.) I was watching a video of Trey Gowdy questioning HRC – they took it down 7 times in one day before they finally cancelled the channel of the person who kept re-posting it. THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS, and should be subjected to discipline.

          • BTW DEB: I went DIRECTLY TO DR. PHIL’s YOUTUBE CHANNEL (do not use the link I provided) and found that it was still there. When I re-watched it, I noticed that the credits stated the video was produced both by
            “Dr. Phil” and HARPO PRODUCTIONS. I think that means it will be around a while – is anyone stupid (or powerful) enough to try to tell Oprah (and by extension, Dr. McGraw) to STFU when it comes to child rape/molestation/sex slavery and murder?? “Kinda sorta” doubt it. Please let me know if you don’t find it there.

      • Don’t count on it……he has lots of money. He’ll probably be in seg for his time in there to “protect him” from the others. Too bad the 4 year old he RAPED didn’t have such protection.

      • Keep following the story. When a pervert gets a PLEA deal , normally they serve NO jail time. This one probably won’t even have to wear a monitor bracelet. This disgust me. No pervert should be offered a Plea deal. Dig and research and uncover and share what his sentence was.

      • Good, hopes he dies in prison and never gets out – blame the 4 year old you sick bast@ard…

      • Why parole after 10 years? Because they dont make a butt plug large enough to accomodate his stretched out anus by then is why. As for the CO … we know the perps jacket the day he goes through OU. Like i said … even the AB wont contract for his security at any price. Not worth risking a brothers life defending him … plus the AB has a rep n street creds to think about.

    • Unreal that the family lashed out at the reporters…but I think they KNEW he was a pervert, and covered for him, and now trying to defend the indefensible. They are trying to blame the poor little girl, and not the POS relative. Shame on them either way.

      • Maybe the family has a family history of raping children. Crazier things have happened, and those miserable pricks have NO empathy for the insanity they inflict at all. I could see a family bunch sticking together.

      • kind of explains Huma Abedin a little….she stands by her man too, rumor has it she is ‘trying to repair her marriage”///It kills me how feminist just worship these women, who are everything feminist say we shouldn’t be….

    • I don’t think we would have to worry about that. He will have a lot of buddies where he’s heading.

    • I would not mind seeing him staked down, covered in honey, beside an ant hill. But, make it so his head is covered enough to keep the ants away for a while, slow the process!

    • Don’t worry he will be raped continually in prison .Child rapest and abusers are singled out and brutally dealt with prison justice.

    • I agree. Jeff Epstein is in prison for having sex with under age girls, and I hope he will stay there forever. Someone raping a four year old, however, should get the death penalty.

  4. you do realize this is a fake news website right?

    yes he was indicted but that is a single incident and it has nothing to do with donald trump cracking down on pedophiles. It’s likely trump isn’t even aware this is happening. And there is no “elite pedophile ring” he’s tied to. It’s this guy, not some pizzagate conspiracy.

    do the victims right and report the facts, don’t just manipulate a story with a victim to fit your political agenda.

  5. It was the child’s fault. Yall just a bunch of racists. She was identifying as a 23yo slut that day. How dare you xenophobic bigots judge her? And y’all scared of Muslims. Trump ate cornflakes with a fork. Spoonphobic mother…….

  6. Sorry Son of a BITCH needs to be hung up by his balls, then cut him down without them. He’ll quickly bleed out, while he suffers in agony.

  7. Sicko–deranged lying to try to save his butt—blame game used on an innocent 4 year old, psychotic coward in its glory where is a
    firing squad when needed

    • I’m guessing these guys must think that a child sitting on your lap or giving you an innocent hug or kiss is an invitation to rape them. It is really hard to figure out what else it was.

      How does a four year old show an interest in having sex? I can not even imagine such a thing. That is not something four year olds should even have a clue about, much less be doing.

  8. Why is this prick free on bond? When you’re a flight risk such as he certainly is, they don’t normally give you the opportunity to flee. Perhaps they’re hoping he’ll do the right thing and blow his brains out.

  9. Why don’t they take this asshole for a stroll in the woods and just empty a clip in the back of his head?

  10. If this POS was feeling suicidal he should have been locked in a closet with a 3 foot piece of wire, NOT checked into any type of facility !!!!

  11. woman in the video…
    “people have feelings, we are a family” then maybe you should share in his crime as an
    noun: accomplice; plural noun: accomplices
    a person who helps another commit a crime.
    synonyms:partner in crime, associate, accessory, abettor, confederate, collaborator, fellow conspirator, co-conspirator; More
    “police have reason to believe that Johnson had two accomplices, possibly
    you should have to serve time also under the LAW!

  12. I doubt he will make it out of the Ohio Prison alive. They can’t and won’t keep him in protective custody for the whole 10 years. He will be at the bottom of the food chain in prison, housed with men who would rather watch him bleed than give him a band aid !!!!!!

    • Because far too many people in prison are there because of the many problems they have resulting from the fact that they were raped by child abusers when they were children.

      • BS – I worked in prison health care for 8 years, and that viewpoint is distinctly not the case based both on my own experience and those who worked with me. You’re all wet. Keep in mind that in the mid- to late 1990’s the American Psychological Association published a position paper to the effect that pedophilia is a normal part of the human sexual behavioral repetoire. At the same time that was published their was a MD/PhD from one of the Hopkins Sexual Dysfunction Clinics that was petitioning the APA to have the (imho incredibly cycnical (term “pedophile” softened again to the much more innocuous label “Minor Attracted”). Thankfully, neither the position paper nor the suggested change in diagnostic terminology succeeded in changing anything at the time. What you have to be aware of is that the APA’s board of directors is usually loaded with sexual “alternates” (we used to say “perverts”) and they have sway in nationla politics. ORganizations like NAMBLA seek to normalize this behavior, just as Islam considers it normal for a grwon male to marry an 8 yr-old girl. All it is is a sordid testament to the power of the pudenda. And the leniency with which these cases are frequently adjucated suggest to be that a fair number of the judiciary just may like the idea of normalizing child rape. I personally saw aman convicted of “AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSAULT – 4 yr-old CHILD” sentenced to less than 3 years. That’s an abomination that should result in immediate defrocking of the judge and a review of law. That said: there were far more people imprisoned for drug dealing, grand theft, aggravated assault, etc then for child-related sex crimes. If pedophilia is the result of parent teaching child, all I can say is that the chain has to be broken somewhere; moreover, I never saw a moments remorse or regret from anyone inmate I knew had been so convicted. Empathy just doesn’t exist.

  13. Should cut his balls off & let him bleed out. Lucky MOFO isn’t here in Idaho, he’d be food for the Birds of Prey in the desert. If he was a Republican, this would be at the top of every hour news. REPOST THIS article through all your social accounts. WORD MUST BE SPREAD!

  14. This is the most hideous of all crimes….the guy should be hung in public a high noon on national TV.

  15. Seriously, tough on the rapist, tough on his family. Who cares. Put the beast behind bars or life.

  16. First of all, I cannot believe he’s out on bail ????? And second, possibility of parole in 10 years. Hell, take off half his “life” sentence for good behavior, and he may be out in 5 years….doing what he does best! Ugh. Sick freak! A 4-year old!!!!

  17. A four year old does not usually know what sex is and is not legally capable of giving her consent.

  18. What kind of clueless, fkucked up parents would NOT know if their kid was being raped from the age of four to eight!!! SHAME!

  19. These blogs that have to come up with FAKE CAPTIONS in order to get attention are worse that fake news. There is no tie to an ‘elite pedophile ring’, and it has nothing to do with being a democrat official. He knew the victim and this is just a matter of him being a sick bastard!
    The article’s writer feels the need to politicize and lie. I won’t even share something like this!

  20. So many lives ruined for some lusts he chose not to control. And these ruined lives will be evident for probably a couple more generations. How Sad. “The LORD is longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation.”

  21. Don’t you mean Obama’s elite investigative squad? He was indicted on Sep 14, 2016 before Trump was elected.

  22. He wont last long in prison. The other inmates will take care of him and hes going to learn what the othr side of rape is really like.

  23. Of course, there is a massive database of REPUBLICAN sex offenders and pedophiles, including Senators, legislators, mayors and others in power convicted of rape and molestation of everything from infants on up, searchable it covers a ten year period:

    • A small sample of REPUBLICAN offenders:

      August 6, 2008
      L Missouri Republican State Representative, Scott Muschany, was indicted for sexual assault
      of a 14 year old girl. Pending trial, Muschany has posted a $5,000 bond, and if currently free.
      He faces a fine of up to $5,000 and a prison term of up to 7 years.
      State rep charged with assaulting teen

      March 19, 2008
      Republican candidate for Mineral County Commission, W.VA, Wilton Frederick Bland,
      was charged with 73 counts of possession of child pornography, 45 counts of sexual assault in
      the first degree for allegedly having sex with a child under age 11, nine counts of use of obscene
      matter with intent to seduce a minor, seven counts of display of obscene matter to a minor and
      two counts of employing a minor to do sexually explicit conduct. He was sentenced to 80 years.
      “He won’t be eligible for parole until after 20 years for Mineral County, and 25 years for Grant
      County,” Nelson said.
      Keyser man guilty of child porn, sex assault counts

      March 7, 2008
      The chairman of the Republican Party in Brown County, Donald Fleischman, faces criminal
      charges for allegedly fondling a 16-year-old Ethan House runaway and providing the boy with
      beer and marijuana late last year. He was charged with two counts of child enticement, two
      counts of contributing to the delinquency of a child and a single charge of exposing himself to a
      If convicted, Fleischman faces 52 years in prison.
      Ex-GOP chair in court on sex charges

      February 12, 2008
      Republican Al Zimmerman, spokesperson for Florida’s Department of Children and Families
      stands charged with eight counts of offering two teenage boys money to take pictures of
      themselves while masturbating. On February 12 he was denied bail.

      The Wrong Voice
      January 13, 2008
      The Republican Mayor of Collins Missouri, and Pastor of the Temple Lot Church in Collins,
      Allen D. Kauffman was arrested in an internet sting after trying to entice “Cindy” a 13 year old,
      for sex and nude picture taking. Police have photo’s of Kauffman from his webcam.
      Evidence against Collins mayor includes chat room messages, photos

      December 5, 2007
      Well connected Republican activist and Congressional aide, Jeffrey Nielsen pleaded guilty to
      committing lewd acts on a 12-year-old Virginia boy and 14-year-old Orange County boy and
      received a three-year prison sentence. Nielsen’s computer contained thousands of man-boy and
      boy-boy images.
      GOP operative going to prison for sex crimes

      Sept. 17, 2007
      Republican and U.S. attorney from Florida, John David R. Atchison, was arrested for
      traveling to New York with intentions of having sex with a five year old.
      When interviewed Atchinson said, “I am always gentle and loving; not to worry, no damage ever,
      no rough stuff ever. I only like it soft and nice.” When they asked him how he could be certain hewasn’t hurting the child he said, “Just gotta go slow and very easy. I’ve done it plenty”

  24. It is time to arrest Podista and Hillary Clinton and James lying Comey for pedophilia and child trafficking from Haiti and all over the world perverts ,child molesters

  25. He got caught ….blames the 4 yr old and claims it was consensual…. This last comment about blaming the little toddler speaks volumes into his lack of remorse……Now he has checked into a mental health program due to being suicidal, Hog wash…….He got caught and that is the only reason for the check in . It also looks good that is is trying to help himself on paper for the judge to see. Im not buying his sorrow for the girl, its for him, his career and his family along with the entire community knowing……..Its funny how this pervs only regret a life style after getting caught….

  26. So where is the part where he is tied to an elite pedophilia ring? If the link is because he is a Democrat, then of course your site is not worth the subtitle tag lines.

  27. Wait till the investigators get close to the state capitals………and the Washington Beltway. That’s when you’ll see some of the biggest obstacles known to mankind………from both sides of the aisle. You think we heard a lot of pleading the 5th during Obama’s reign of terror……..just wait.

  28. Don’t film him?! Tough on the family!? Who is the real victim here? So glad the Trump admin is going after these very twisted people. And so are the real victims.

  29. Oh, the poor mayor is visibly shaking when changing his plea to ‘guilty’…
    And the loud mouth red headed twat defending his family… she needs to be ball gagged and thrown in a pig pen with ravenous starving hogs.
    If they mayor is lucky, he’ll get a neuter and a lobotomy… otherwise, throw him in gen-pop and let’s see if he’ll make it out alive in 24 hours.

  30. Here you go, get outraged about this clown rightwinger religious kook, he faced only MAYBE 12 years in jail:

    Arrested Catholic Archbishop’s computer contained over 100,000 images of children

    Vatican detectives analyzing a computer used a by an archbishop arrested
    earlier this week discovered over 86,000 pornographic photos and 160
    sexually explicit video files of children

    Former Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, 66, was arrested at the Vatican
    earlier this week on charges that he paid to have sex with minors when
    he was a papal ambassador in the Dominican Republic from 2008 to 2012.

    Wesolowski is the first Vatican official to be arrested within the city state on charges of pedophilia.

    The former archbishop was recalled to Rome by the Vatican last year
    while still a diplomat in Santo Domingo and relieved of his duties
    following accusations from Dominican media that he was paying for
    underaged sex partners.

    Until earlier this week, he had been free to roam Rome, but is now
    being held in in a small room in the basement of the Collegio dei
    Penitenzieri, which hosts the Vatican’s court and military police.

    Vatican authorities are now investigating if Wesolowski was part of a
    network of pedophiles and whether he abused children in other posts
    during his career.

    Wesolowski previously served in South Africa, Costa Rica, Japan, Switzerland, India and Denmark.

    If convicted, Wesolowski faces 12 years in jail in the first trial for sexual abuse to be held inside the Vatican City.

  31. The US Constitution (remember that crusty old document Drumpf is wiping his arse with?!) forbids cruel and unusual punishment. Most of the comments on here are downright psychotic and say a lot more about the person commenting than they do the pedophile himself. Most of you need therapy. Definitely put the convicted pedophile in solitary and protect society from him, but protect him from society as well. There is no place for vigilante overreaction in the United States justice system. You all just need to take a deep breath and watch some cute kitty videos.

    • You are blaming the wrong president of using the constitution as trash paper but then that is how liberals think everything libs do is good and anything the republicans try to do is called wrong !! As for the crule and unusual clause in the constitution look at what kind of punish ment was netted out by the king !!! Drawn and quartered , tourchered , dunking , burning at the stake and many far more devious butcheries under the name of punishment but putting one to death was not against the constitution and back then hanging and firing squads were common !!! And now we have the chair and the injection table !! But the victims were tourchered and brutalized and you say let the punishment fit the crime is not fair ??? Jesus said as you lived so shall you die !!! Live by the weapon die by the weapon !!! Livmistrmistreating the innocent then die by mistreatment by the guilty fair is fair !!!

  32. But this is allowed by certain countries and religions as normal and our US Government are perpetrators of allowing immigration from parts of the world that mistreat women and children as their every day culture. The world is a very sick place. I can’t think of anything more dehumanizing and disgusting.

  33. Put him in general population and let him be raped repeatedly, will say he was a willing participant, he will like.

  34. I firmly believe that all rapists, sexual predators, child molesters and their ilk should have their genitals securely stapled to a kerosene soaked stump in a public space and then have the stump ignited.
    At least they would have the choice of burning to death or ripping away and bleeding to death; which is more of a choice than they gave their victims.

  35. Damn them all and lock them up and throw away the key for hurting our most innocent “GODS precious children”, warning to all you pedophilia YOU can never be able to hide!

  36. Horrific and this guy needs to be locked up for life! But how is this creep linked to a pedophile ring of politicians? The article never ties them together. False news title it appears.

  37. Things are so bad nowadays I’m wondering if this is fake news or not … (???) If true, I can only hope there are more such exposures, arrests and convictions to follow. Sad and pathetic.

  38. He should be put to death, not imprisoned and let out in 10 years to do this again! Far too much concern for the criminal and not for the victim.

  39. What a sick fuck to blame a 4 year old child!! I hope he spends life in prison and they revoke the possibility of parole!! ANIMAL!!!

  40. OK, that is something. But still, this is the typical small fish being thrown to the cats so they leave the big fish alone. This is some mayor in some end-of-the-world small town Ohio. This is not beltway caliber. I doubt this even has anything to do with Trump.

  41. While I am glad this pedophile is behind bars, I think that the title of the article is misleading. This case does not involve D.C. elites.

  42. Sorry but who cares about the families of the perps? The perp should have thought about that while he was RAPING AND PLAYING SEXUALLY WITH A LITTLE 4 YEARS OLD GIRL AND THEN TO TURN AROUND AND BLAME HER SAYING SHE WAS A WILLING PARTNER … ROT IN HELL!

  43. This is just the beginning it’s every where you truly never know who your standing next to

  44. jail is not the answer,he can live his fantasy over and over and not care where he is.quick death is the only remedy.

  45. These sick bastards deserve no PLEA agreements. THIS INFURIATES me . As a former Advocate For Victimized Children, I have spent many months researching and watching the excuses of these sick bastards. I have watched the courts verdicts and worked my azz off to enlighten these judges to the LIFE LONG damage these low live, self centered, thinking with your d – – – , scums of the earth cause. YES, The DAMAGE IS FREAKIN REAL “Biden” like people of planet earth! Once I heard a pervert say ,”Oh my penis accidentally fell into the 6 mo old baby.” How did they know he raped a 6 mo old baby? He gave this little one an STD, That’s how. A doctor that I knew stated that a 7 year old girl seduced him, I mean after all she was highly intelligent and very intriguing. And now this fool thinks this 4 year old was a willing participant? Well that says a heck of a lot for HIS INTELLIGENCE doesn’t it? These men are the most self centered people you will find on the planet and YOU CANNOT CURE THEM. They do NOT and should NOT ever be given a PLEA deal. NEVER. I am disgusted with my government and with the so called JUSTICE system. These children cannot speak for them selves and if we do not step up for them this sick act will continue. All of Washington, who are guilty of this, need to be locked away. I don’t give a darn who the heck you are or who you THINK YOU ARE! God intended for these children to be innocent and to flourish in life. Their innocence has selfishly been ripped from them and they will never be what God intended for them to be. Is that OK WITH YOU? I know it isn’t with me. Let your voice be heard. Find out who this judge is and write him. It is time to clean up our politicians and take out the TRASH!

  46. Sadly this pervert will be placed in a federal facility, not a general population facility, he’ll be protected, coddled, and entertained, and in ten years probably be paroled allowed back into his social club of perverts. He should never see the light of day that bastard will never rehab, in fact he’ll probably commit suicide at some point which is fine with me, but he reaches parole he will return to his previous lifestyle. What a waste of human flesh.

  47. Freakn lowlife scumbags!! We don’t care about your family biotch, keep your giant pie hole shut pig!! Go such on a gas line pigs!!!

  48. In Washington DC there is a restaurant where you can get an “alternative” menu. Then you are led to the basement for privacy where the child you ordered by your criterion of sex, race, age, appearance, etc is waiting for you. Yes if the story has long been spread across legit internet forums you better believe DC police and LE and politicians know all about it. The restaurant is foreign owned.

  49. You people have no clue about crime in jail. Most governor’s have put hate crime enhancers on beating up these pos. So depending on where they house these freaks and assuming if it’s a politician I’m sure the country club won’t be exposing this loser to anyone that will beat the living shit out of him that he deserves. What a sick society send that bitch to do time in Syria.

  50. What a disgusting vile creature raping a 4 yr old child. I got goosebumps reading this article.

  51. What kind of sick ass delusional idiot would even utter that a 4 yo child was a “willing participant “. He can’t possibly believe that is an acceptable excuse for his behavior. Obviously one that is refusing responsibility for his actions. Recon what this bastards reaction would be if this was his 4 yo daughter or granddaughter?

  52. What’s just as sickening is how his family gathered around him to try and protect him from reporters. Seriously? This guy is a predator, nothing but a self-indulgent sex hungry pedophile who didn’t care who had to hurt to get his lust filled, and they want to protect that. How can his children ever look at him the same way? How could they ever trust him with their kids?
    This makes me sick.

  53. And yet we have State & Federal funding for Mother’s who cheerfully kill their own children with our taxes.
    Kinda hypocritical, eh?

    Oh wait. Abortion is legal because it helps Congress do their job in balancing the budget. I see the profit now.


  54. No matter what the DOC told him about PC he won’t be safe. Even the AB will refuse a protection contract. PC is for corrupt cops, judges, attorneys, etc … not literal baby rapers.

  55. Think about it, Everything the left has done in an attempt to remove president Trump from office has exploded in their faces, often times it has had the boomarang effect, think Mueller report. Even with the limited knowledge that we know at this point we know that the only collusion with Russia was between Hillary, DNC, and Barrack Obama’s corrupt to the core appointed intelligence heads and the Russians. We also have learned (James Clapper on CNN) that Barrack Obama KNEW that the dossier was bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign yet told his intelligence heads to push the narrative. We also now know that Obama LIED we he claimed he was unaware of Hillary’s illegal server, there is concrete evidence that he communicated with Hillary on the illegal server using an assumed name. Seeing that we also know that Hillary has SAP information on her server that was hacked by many foreign governments it’s not a stretch to assume that both Obama and Hillary exchanged classified material on the unsecured server. The penalty for treason is still the death sentence !!!!

  56. You know, Baxter, taking this case and twisting it to fit your narrative is easily as despicable as the false witness you bear against people in this article. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is facing innumerable lawsuits regarding his own behavior. Yeah, now we also have Matt Gaetz and other thunderingly hyporcritical “moralizers” like Jerry Falwell. You are lost, as is Trump, as is half the republican party, lost in insane conspiracy theories and sneering at your fellow Americans. Yuck.

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