ISIS Cooked Baby And Fed It To ‘Sex Slave’ Mother

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ISIS cooked and fed baby to sex slave mother

A sex slave has revealed how she was forced to eat her one year old baby boy by ISIS militants, according to an Iraqi politician. 

Vian Dakhill told Egypt’s Extra News that the victim was tricked into eating her son when militants starved her of food and water for three days, then served her up some mysterious meat with rice.

‘One of the women whom we managed to retrieve from ISIS said that she was held in a cellar for three days without food or water.

‘Afterwards, they brought her a plate of rice and meat. She ate the food because she was very hungry.

‘When she was finished they said to her: “We cooked your one-year-old son that we took from you, and this is what you just ate”.’ reports: The woman is Yazidi, meaning she is neither Arab nor Muslim and treated as a devil-worshipper.

Speaking about the girl who was raped to death she said: ‘One of the girls said that they took six of her sisters.

‘Her younger sister, a ten-year-old girl, was raped to death in front of her father and sisters. She was ten-years-old.

‘The question that we ask yourselves is: “Why? Why did these savages do this to us?”.’

Earlier this year a teenager who was raped by a gang of 40 men spoke about being beaten with cables after trying to escape Isis.

Lamiya Haji Bashar, 18, stood up to a ruthless Sharia court judge after leading a breakout of several other girls.

She told the Mail on Sunday: ‘He said that either they must kill me or cut off my foot to stop me escaping.

‘I told him that if you cut off one foot then I will escape with the other. I told the judge I would never give up. So they replied they would keep on torturing me if I tried to escape.’