Scientists Warn Pollution & America’s Growing Wildfire Crisis Could Trigger Heart Attacks

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Increased concentrations of tiny particles in the air can trigger cardiac arrests, making the need to cut air pollution levels around the world even more urgent according to an article publcished by Science Alert this week.

At the same time the Mail Online also reported on another study in which scientists warn that the wildfire crisis across America could trigger a wave of future health issues…including heart attacks.

It seems that there are now so many things that can cause sudden death, particulalry strokes and heart attacks. Odd things is, the uptick in sudden and unexpected deaths just so happened to coincide with the roll out of the covid jabs….

The Off Guradian reports: Now, we don’t need to break down these articles piece by piece, it’s perfectly apparent what’s happening here.

The Covid vaccines are either causing more heart attacks, or the people in charge are aware they might, and are prepping fall-back stories accordingly.

We predicted that would be an ongoing story this year back in January, and they haven’t disappointed.

The new wrinkle here is working pollution and wildfires into the narrative, and associating heart attack risk with environmentalism and climate change.

This provides fuel for the metamorphosis of “climate change” from an environmental issue into a public health issue, allowing them to talk about it the same way they talk about “Covid”, and perhaps treat it the same way too (climate lockdowns etc.)

This is classic narrative braiding, the practice of intertwining two separate propaganda narratives together so they reinforce each other.

I coined the term, just this moment, but it’s the perfect metaphor.

It’s beautifully efficient, really. The vaccine-associated heart attacks provide evidence that “climate change” is a public health problem, while “climate change” can be used to conceal the vaccine-associated heart attacks.

Covering up something they caused with something they invented, and propping up something they invented with something they caused.

Clever in theory, but rather transparent in practice.

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