China Mocks Joe Biden Over His ‘No Federal Solution’ To Covid Crisis

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China’s state-run Global Times newspaper has mocked US President Joe Biden for abandoning his campaign promise to end the covid pandemic

On Monday Biden backtracked on his election vows by declaring on that there was “no federal solution” to the covid crisis.

The Times asked: “Did American politicians’ promises during the US presidential elections mean anything at all?” concluding that Biden’s failure as a president is proof that American democracy as a political system is “dubious.”

Breitbart reports: The Times did not similarly conclude that China’s failure to contain the initial outbreak of Chinese coronavirus in Wuhan – nor its ongoing, record-setting outbreak in the 13-million-resident metropolis of Xi’an – should result in political consequences for dictator Xi Jinping or call into question Chinese communism.

As a presidential candidate last year, Biden promised to “shut down the virus.” Upon assuming the office, Biden told Americans that they would have to wear sanitary masks for only 100 days before his plan would result in the eradication of the Chinese coronavirus, a promise he failed to keep given the White House continues to demand that Americans cover their faces in public.

On Monday, shortly before leaving on a beach retreat in Delaware, Biden told governors in a video conference meeting there was “no federal solution” to the pandemic

“This gets solved at a state level,” he added, putting pressure on governors to act to contain the spread of the omicron variant of Chinese coronavirus, currently dominant in the United States.

The abdication of responsibility and refusal to answer questions has become a pattern for Biden, who has yet to mark one year in office. In a similar instance in August, Biden abruptly refused to answer questions on the Afghan war two days before the August 31 date that he had arbitrarily set to withdraw American troops.

“I’m not gonna answer on Afghanistan now,” he asserted shortly after the Taliban took over Kabul and became the de facto government of Afghanistan, a direct result of Biden breaking an agreement with the terrorist group and extending the war beyond May 1.

“It is beyond people’s imagination that the president of a superpower lacks a unified, federal-level guideline in the [Chinese coronavirus] fight,” the Global Times declared on Monday. The Chinese propaganda outlet noted that “many American people taunted his words” and that voters had not forgotten that he had both promised to end the pandemic and condemned President Donald Trump’s handling of the situation.

“People previously thought that anyone would do a better job than former US president Donald Trump in fighting the epidemic,” a Communist Party-approved “expert” told the Times. “But to be honest, Biden has not made remarkable moves at the federal level apart from encouraging people to get vaccinated and wear masks. US states are working independently and the federal government has not made efforts to keep them unified.”

The propaganda outlet pointedly noted that Trump, not Biden, led the federal effort to develop vaccine products against the Chinese coronavirus and that no significant medical developments have occurred under Biden’s leadership.

“Biden has not made any practical moves, which is retrogression,” the outlet concluded.

The Global Times also appeared to float the idea that Biden should resign from office due to his failure to contain the pandemic.

“‘Anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America,’ Biden said so during his final presidential debate with Trump in October 2020,” the newspaper noted. “However … [t]he death toll during each of the parties’ is comparable. How can Biden explain this, and who should be held responsible for the deaths of these innocent people?”

The Times concluded, as it often does regardless of the topic discussed by its articles, that the American free political system is “dubious,” based exclusively on Biden’s incompetence.

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