Germans Outraged As Angry Mob Taunt Refugees In Saxony

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A video showing a mob surrounding a bus full of migrants and refugees in Clausnitz, Saxony, and taunting them with revolutionary songs has upset the German public.

People in Germany are ashamed that an angry mob chanted “Wir sind das Volk” or “We are the people,” at a bus full of migrants, reducing the children to tears and making the women show their disgust.

The slogan was used during 1989 by east Germans to help unite with the free world and West Germany and help knock the Berlin Wall down that divided Germany. Why the slogan was used  remains a mystery.

Dieter Laser YouTube video:

The Washington Post reports:

Many in Germany are outraged by the video. The German government has described the scenes from the video as “deeply shameful,” while German comedian Jan Böhmermann dubbed the crowd a “fear mob” who were attacking those who had only just escaped death. Clausnitz Mayor Michael Funke has said he was “ashamed” of the “ugly” incident, though regional police also said that while the scenes from that night were “terrible,” around 30 police officers had been on hand to protect the refugees and there  had been no physical confrontation.

Yet the incident wasn’t isolated. In the nearby town of Bautzen, a recently completed refugee center was set ablaze  Sunday. According to police, some bystanders celebrated the fire, standing to watch the blaze and “commenting with derogatory remarks or unashamed joy.” And while Saxony police may have condemned the footage from Clausnitz, their own actions have also come under fire after a separate video was said to show officers manhandling refugees to the cheers of the anti-migrant crowd.

gbs Koblenz YouTube video:

Saxony police officials have justified the use of “appropriate” force shown in the video by saying that some on the bus had been making provocative gestures toward the crowd, Deutsche Welle reports.

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