Migrant Child Rapist Will Not Be Deported Because ‘Deportations Are Racist’

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Migrant child rapist spared deportation by liberal judge

An illegal immigrant from Eritrea who raped multiple children has won an appeal not to be deported from the UK after arguing that deportations are racist and harmful to his mental health.

The migrant has been in prison for ten years after viciously raping a teenage girl in 2014.

Modernity.news reports: GB News reports that an appeal claiming that the migrant wouldn’t be able to access care for PTSD or depression in the East African country has been successful.

The man’s lawyers were able to get a doctor to testify that the migrant would likely kill himself if he was deported.

They also claimed that he would be punished in his home country for evading military service. 

As a result, the migrant will remain in the UK despite a security report concluding that the man poses a significant risk to public safety. 

Conservative MP Nigel Mills commented “This man committed a serious criminal offence and should be nowhere near this country.”

He added, “If he was concerned about losing mental health treatment or being arrested for fleeing the draft, he should have thought about that before he committed the crime.”

“This decision is another sign the tribunal system is deeply out of touch with the rest of Britain,” Mills further urged.

This is far from an isolated case.

Last year, a migrant rapist concluded to be a significant danger to women was allowed to stay in the UK after he argued that the medicines he was receiving to treat his mental health would not be available in Gambia.

As we previously highlighted, an Afghan illegal migrant sex offender was recently granted refugee status in the UK because it was argued that exposing himself in public wouldn’t be tolerated if he was sent back to Afghanistan.

Other hardened criminal migrants have managed to avoid deportation by arguing that it would violate their human rights.

There are also concerns that a government attempt to bring in a new definition of extremism and apply it to criminal illegal immigrants could provide them an excuse to avoid deportation by arguing that it could lead to their ill-treatment if they are returned to their home country.

In addition, a 2022 report found that more than 80 percent of illegal immigrants detained in the UK were simply let go rather than deported.

Those who have been ordered to be deported often purposefully become violent or aggressive, knowing that it will prevent the flight from taking off with them on board.

The government continues to drag its feet on a vow to pass legislation that would see boat migrant asylum seekers arriving in the UK illegally deported to Rwanda for processing.

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