Muslim Sociologist Releases Instructional Video on How to Properly ‘Beat Your Wife’

Fact checked
Muslim sociologist uploads video to YouTube instructing viewers on how to properly beat their wives

A Muslim sociologist uploaded an instructional video to YouTube on how to properly beat your wife, which apparently does not break YouTube’s community standards.

The bizarre clip shows Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj Al-Ansari showing how to beat your wife in an Islamically permissible fashion reports: According to Al-Ansari, a man must sometimes beat his wife “out of love” so that “life can move on.”

Although emphasizing that the beating should be light and painless, Al-Ansari said it was necessary so the wife could feel her husband’s “masculinity and strength” as well as her own “femininity”.

While demonstrating the procedure by grabbing, shaking and slapping a boy who appeared to be his son, Al-Ansari said, “I told you not to leave the house! How many times do I have to tell you?”

Justifying the act, Al-Ansari said, “Some wives like domineering and authoritative husbands, by nature they like violent and powerful husbands.”

Although the original video appears to have been deleted, the YouTube channel that hosted it is still active.

Presumably, YouTube is fine with demonstrations of wife beating performed on children, but Alex Jones had to be completely terminated because ‘reasons’.

Meanwhile, Muslim country Brunei just passed a new law that allows gay people to be stoned to death. Progressives across the west took to the streets to denounce such vile homophobia.

Oh no, wait, they’re still whining about Mike Pence’s gay conversion therapy.


  1. Now, what the Towel is NOT telling you is that they beat the HELLA outta their goaats…Baaaaaaaa!!!

  2. White men would mock this, because they are owned as property by their own WOMEN! Their asses, their balls, dick, everything above and below the belt = 100% their wive’s property!!!! And you call this man a towel head? LMAO!!!

    • What does the amount of melanin or lack thereof have to do with anything? And unless you hatched forth from an egg (like a serpent) than I must remind you that YOU were born of a woman. Encouraging trauma, especially physical trauma does not imply love. It merely shows a lack of respect, love & zero discipline over one’s emotions. Learn some self-discipline before projecting your weakness onto others or better still, seek therapy for your misogynistic ways & learn coping mechanisms to overcome your hostility & mistrust.

      • Typical Modern idiot. You’re calling me weak because I’m masculine? LMAO!!!! Why, because I don’t let a psychopath of a woman run a house, my life, or especially my body with her impulse, brainless, spineless, boyish emotion-logic and TV-learned standards? Because, though I respect children and even their intuitive desires and needs, I recognize their judgment is biologically worthless until the onset of puberty? Is that all shocking and offensive to you?

        Even as a queer, my kind of “weakness” helps raise humans, mans houses, leads and runs businesses, handles and addresses, holds together families and participates in communities. Part of my family has done the opposite after loosing someone like me that held it together years ago, and now that part of the family is totally broken and distanced. You let me know what kind of family blood or not, or businesses you have in real life, or even on the internet.

        You try raising a human with ZERO punishment or masculinity whatsoever. That is why we are being flooded with pot-addicted, pill-popping, alcoholic, retarded, soft, idiots. Even echo boomers got some whoopin’ and lessons. That is what makes the better of them 40 points higher IQ than millenials, for instance.

        You try running a business like an emotional idiot, underpaying employees to have more, paying people you like way too much, failing to fire incompetent employees just because they’ve “been there a while” or “used to be good”, running things like a puppy without a leash, which is exactly why Americans suffer in retail today. Because it is run by idiots like you who believe, as a feminist, that more pay isn’t correlated by work, skill and merit, but instead cunningness, pushing around others, bu1lsh!’ttery (rhetoric) and having a V.

        I think you can take your opinion and stick it down your throat. Because with your head that far up your ass, you obviously don’t have any more room where the sun don’t shine.

        • Oh! I guess that comment struck a nerve? Good! First, you presume to know too much. You really should ask for clarification rather than making assumptions, but this just further proves what I’d already suspected. What you bemoan is not limited to any particular locale, although I’ll give you credit for assessing the vast majority of Americans as being brainwashed by social engineering. I honestly don’t care about your sexual orientation in the manner that it makes little overall difference in how I (& anyone else reading this) views your character, other than seeing that you are a hypocrite as well. No, our failing economy has been engineered. This nation was usurped by the banking cartel, courtesy of The (privately owned) Federal Reserve and USA, INC. serves the Zionist agenda. I never said that children should not be raised with discipline, what I said was that using physical force against a woman (which I am) has zero to do with mutual love or respect. You do display twisted pathologies through your comments and I can only hope that your festering anger is a result of the frustrations you’d mentioned and that you’re not just hateful person. Your need to dominate & belittle only illustrates your weakness of character & I highlight this not in an effort to insult but to simply draw your attention to it as you might as well carry a sign that declares that you are a miserable person. To answer my initial question to your remark about *white* men, melanation has absolutely nothing to do with how someone treats their partner/spouse/whatever. What is considered as societal norms, does. Fear is not respect, nor is it love. I’m sorry if you were raised in an emotionally unstable environment, but that does NOT then make it right to abuse others. And in spite of your futile attempts to denigrate, I wish you well on life’s journey.

    • Defending freedom of speech & expression means tolerating the disgusting, illogical & abhorrent as well as the positive, friend.

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