Dr. Robert Epstein Exposes How Google Uses Subliminal Messaging to Brainwash Public & Steal Elections

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Dr. Robert Epstein reveals how google is using subliminal messaging to rig the next election

Dr. Robert Epstein has uncovered evidence that Google is using subliminal messaging to brainwash millions of people and rig elections.

“We are recording information that these tech companies never thought anyone would record, it’s what they call internally at Google ‘ephemeral content,’” Epstein told Alex Jones on Friday. “It’s running the world right now, ‘ephemeral content,’ that’s what they call this content that they use to manipulate us, our kids, and our votes.”

Dr. Epstein continued: 

“It’s almost subliminal, it’s content like search results, search suggestions, news feeds, it’s content that’s generated for all of us on the fly, it’s personalized very often, and it affects us – we click on something and then ‘poof,’ like a puff of smoke, it’s gone forever.

My team and I, are the only team in the world that is now focusing on new forms of manipulation that the internet has made possible. Many of these new techniques are in the hands of just one company, namely Google.

Bottom line: If we don’t stop them in the 2024 election, Google alone will be able to shift between 6.4 and 25.5 million votes to one candidate.

They are picking our presidents, our senators, our members of congress, our attorneys general. They’re also indoctrinating our children on a massive scale.

They are the most powerful mind control machine that has ever been invented. They have more power to shift thinking, behavior, attitudes, beliefs, purchases, and votes than any company or any dictator has ever had in the history of humankind.

They are impacting more than 5 billion people every single day. And they’re doing this in a way that involves very very intense social engineering.”

Infowars.com reports: If Dr. Epstein’s comments on Google sound familiar, it may be because you recall Alex Jones describing this phenomenon in his famous 2017 interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast. (Video starts at 1:51:40)

“Google was set up … to build a giant artificial system. Google believes that the first artificial intelligence will be a supercomputer based on the neuron activities of the hive mind of humanity with billions of people wired into it with the internet of things,” said Jones to Rogan in episode 911 of The Joe Rogan Experience. “So all of our thoughts go into it and we’re actually building a computer that has real neurons in real-time that’s also psychically connected to us that are organic creatures so that they will have current prediction powers, future prediction powers – a true crystal ball.”

“But the big secret is, once you have a crystal ball and know the future, you can add stimuli beforehand and make decisions that control the future.”

“And so then it’s the end of consciousness and free will for individuals as we know, and a true ‘2.0’ in a very bad way. Hive-mind consciousness with an AI jacked into everyone, knowing our hopes and dreams, delivering it to us – not into some ‘P.K.D. Wire-head System’ where we plug in and give up on consciousness because of unlimited pleasure – but because we were already wired-in and absorbed before we knew it, by giving over our consciousness to this system by our daily decisions that it was able to manipulate and control into a larger system.”

Later in the interview, Jones mentioned a Wired article that described Google was building an AI to end human consciousness and free will.

The Wired article Jones referenced is likely author Marcus Wohlsen’s 2014 piece titled Google’s Grand Plan to Make Your Brain Irrelevant.

Here are a few excerpts:

Google’s web search engine already uses a powerful type of artificial intelligence to find what you’re looking for in the chaos of the web, and it has built an insanely profitable ad business atop this engine. But recently, the company has been bulking up its roster of geniuses as it seeks to explore a new branch of artificial intelligence known as “deep learning.”

Basically, the idea is to mimic the biological structure of the human brain with software so that it can build machines that learn “organically” — that is, without human involvement…

At the moment, it seems, no other institution on earth has the concentration of brain power — coupled with the money, technology, and freedom — to chase the dreams that have fueled a century of science-fiction speculation. Lifelike robots, sentient machines, the Jetsons’ smart home in the sky. Google is spending billions to make itself the place where these fantasies become facts…

The more Google “knows,” the less we have to remember. We just Google it. Now imagine that same kind of intelligence Google applies to the web set loose on your personal existence, not just online but out in the real world.

If its artificial intelligence dreams come true, Google might end up knowing you better than you know yourself. As we export more and more of our intelligence to Google, the question might become: What are our own brains for?

In closing, recall Jones’ key remark to Rogan on the issue.

“This is an inter-dimensional force that wants to influence us to build something that absorbs us and kills us.”

Interestingly, tech billionaire & X boss Elon Musk posted a similar sentiment Friday afternoon:

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