‘Plan C’: Is Boris Considering A Ban On Households Mixing Over Christmas?

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Plan c Boris Johnson

UK government Ministers are reportedly considering additional Covid measures, or a “Plan C”, as England prepares for another challenging winter.

‘Plan C’ is reportedly being quietly being drawn up over fears the NHS could become overwhelmed if there is a devastating surge in coronavirus cases

Ministers are believed to be devising extra restrictions that could see mixing between households banned over Christmas if the current back up plan fails to suppress the spread of the virus.

However, Downing Street has inisted that Covid plans to restrict households mixing are NOT being drawn up by government. Only time will tell

The Independent reports: While the government has so far resisted calls to implement new Covid measures, the health secretary has warned restrictions could return in England in the run-up to Christmas.

According toThe Telegraph, Cabinet Office ministers are discussing proposals which could potentially form a “Plan C” involving even tougher measures than the existing “Plan B”.

According to the report this extra contigency plan could see a ban on household mixing.

But Edward Argar, health minister, denied on Thursday there was a Plan C being considered by the government which would ban the mixing of households at Christmas.

Asked about reports on Sky News, he said he was “not aware” of such plans. “That is not a story with foundation,” Mr Argar added.

“Of course as a government you look at, as we have done with our Plan B, alternatives and ways that you might – if you needed to – start easing that pressure”, the health minister said.

Mr Argar said limiting household mixing was not something being “actively considered”.

The government has so far resisted calls from NHS bosses to implement its “Plan B” to tackle coronavirus, amid a surge in cases and fears of a winter crisis.

The series of tighter measures has been drawn up as a contingency plan if the NHS comes under unsustainable pressure.


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