Armed BLM Terrorists Block Roadway in Louisville

Fact checked
Armed BLM thugs block street in Louisville

Hundreds of armed Black Lives Matter terrorists gathered in Louisville on Saturday, blocking the roadway and forcing vehicles to turn around.

According to the Louisville police department, the actions of the BLM activists was “unlawful.”

“Arrests will be made to those that refuse to disperse,” the police said in a statement. reports: A picture was also shared showing the mayhem taking place.

Some Twitter users who have listed that they live in the city have responded to the LMPD’s tweet with various messages of support for the protesters and/or disdain for the police.

“Ctrl+violet” asked, “how do you spell racist?” She then answered “LMPD” with clap emojis.

Another local user, “Red Beard,” simply replied by using an anti-police slur,”ACAB.”


  1. getting my old beater truck ready for a protest like this… it will be like mad max w/ protestors impaled on the hood…

    • Imagine the meat particles you could scrape up doing that with a 53 Buick Roadmaster…youd have to floss the grill afterwards.

  2. They’re tools of old white English men too All the attacks on the American way if life are Everything to destabilise the Nation and overthrow the ruling families is .Although Englush loyalists controlled the law they list the war List the slave markets after Independence Lost taxes Lost revenues Billions since 1776.Absolutely a fortune Paybacks a bitch .

  3. “Hundreds of armed Black Lives Matter terrorists ”

    Sorry, they are PEACEFUL PROTESTERS 😉
    ” Arrests will be made” by Policemen who want to spend twelve Years behind the bars . . .

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