Six Feet of Blood Clots Removed From Fully Jabbed High School Football Player’s Legs

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Six feet of blood clots removed from high school football players legs

A high school football player who recently received the Covid jab has had his athletic career cut short after doctors found and removed over six feet of blood clots from his legs.

The teen now requires a regimen of blood thinners to ensure the deadly clots don’t return. reports: Kaden Clymer is a junior at a high school located in Wauseon and was looking forward to the start of the football season at school. However, playing the sport is no longer in the cards after an anomaly was discovered this past August.

Kaden’s mother, Maurine Clymer explained the bizarre medical issues that seemingly came out of nowhere on August 1st, telling a local news crew, “His dad took him to the emergency room after he was having severe pain in his back and legs.”

Tyson Rodriguez, one of Kaden’s teammates, remarked on when the issues first began fleshing out in the teen, saying, “I was a bit confused because I didn’t really know what was happening. He just told me that he wasn’t feeling good.”

On the evening prior to the high school football team had their first practice in the fall, Kaden was rushed to Toledo Children’s Hospital, with his mother explaining, “His calves were swelled up four inches larger, in circumference, than they are now. So, he was very uncomfortable.”

Looking back on his time at the hospital, Kaden stated, “I just wanted to go home, honestly. I didn’t really care what they did to me. I just wanted to go home.”

The teen and his family would eventually get the news of blood clots being the culprit behind the severe leg swelling. When Kaden learned of the underlying issue, he said he felt “really sad. I was crying and upset because I’ve played football my whole life, and I just wanted to play with my friends.”

An astonishing six feet of blood clots were removed from the teen’s legs, and has since been prescribed blood thinners that have ended his football career. After spending nine days in the hospital, the teenager returned to school while barely being able to walk.

However, Kaden noted that the experience exemplified his fortitude, saying, “I’m very strong and well-minded because it took a lot of effort to be able to stay in the hospital for nine days straight. Eat the hospital food and go through all those procedures. It really sucked.”

Doctors are seemingly still befuddled as to the root cause of Kaden’s blood clots, with the teen’s mother adding that his recovery isn’t exactly easy.

“He gets shots in his stomach every day, twice a day, which is not something fun. I don’t enjoy giving them to him, and I know he doesn’t like getting them. Yet, he does it with a smile, and we appreciate that. It could’ve been so much worse.”

While Kaden’s football career was cut short, there is at least a silver lining in that he should be able to play his favorite sport, baseball, without issue.

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