Dutch Farmers Are Being Disappeared by Government Goons – Media Blackout

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Dutch farmers are being arrested and snatched by government agents

The Dutch farmer protestors are being ‘disappeared’ by government agents and undercover police officers during ‘snatch-and-grab’ arrests, according to reports.

In Amsterdam, video footage has surfaced showing undercover police officers violently arresting a civilian. The undercover operation reveals an escalation in tyranny by the government towards the people.


Independentsentinel.com reports: Staghouwer told reporters he wasn’t the right person for the job. He held the position for only nine months and announced his decision Monday night. He had just returned from Brussels. Staghouwer negotiated an agreement with the European Commission to scrap a Dutch exemption to manure spreading limits.

He was then forced to resign.

The Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, and the Flanders region of Belgium, had been allowed to exceed caps on how much manure farmers could return to their fields because of the country’s comparatively small land area. But Brussels wants to phase out this dispensation because the Dutch fail to meet EU’s radical water quality standards.

The EU was supposed to be a cooperative trade union, but now Brussels technocrats rule over every EU country in most matters.

The country’s lucrative agriculture sector has been in crisis since a 2019 court ruling. It forced the government to slash emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia, which livestock produce. AP reports say that thousands of farmers have staged protests, blockading cities with tractors and burning hay bales along highways.

According to the APNews, Staghouwer could not meet the September deadline for rolling out the government’s radical green policy.

The climate agenda involves cutting nitrogen emissions from the nation’s farming sector to the point where farms can’t continue operating. The idea allegedly came from Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum.

There is no other way to produce bountiful agricultural output.


Mark Rutte said he respects his brave decision. Parliament member Carolin van der Plas of The Farmer–Citizen Movement party (BBB) said “he was totally unsuitable” for the job.

Bart Kemp of farmers’ organization Agractie told NOS that Staghouwer was “a friendly man, but not a decisive person.” NOS is a Dutch public broadcaster.

Staghouwer’s role will temporarily be taken on by the former agricultural minister Carola Schouten.

Schouten is very radical and wants to close all pig farms. Whoever replaces Staghouwer will be worse as long as Rutte, a puppet of the WEF, is in charge.

Staghouwer faced criticism from the parliament for failing to develop a concrete plan to help the sector transition to farming practices that lower nitrogen emissions, according to DutchNews.nl. Officials within his department also resisted plans to revamp the farming industry.


The deliberate move away from efficient and low-cost farming aligns with a broader global initiative to minimize and reorganize most industrial activity. And that initiative is known as ESG, FEE reports.

As Dan Sanchez has delineated, “environmental, social and corporate governance” (ESG) policies have been around in their codified form since 2004, when top financial institutions were tasked by the United Nations with developing guidelines for reforming the financial sector through “environmental, social and corporate governance.” The evident goal was to skew the global economy’s capital investment toward firms willing to fall in line with the environmental and social values of the powers that be.

In the past few years, ESG has gone mainstream with little resistance from people in power.

In December 2021, Reuters named 2021 “the year of ESG investing.” By April 2022, Bloomberg reported, “Few corners of the financial universe have been surrounded by as much marketing froth as ESG, which by some estimates represents more than $40 trillion in assets.”

ESG Has the Power to Force the Values of Controllers on Everyone

ESG funds prioritize their controllers’ moral values rather than focusing purely on profitability.  Those values concentrate on leftist values of race and sex quotas, collapsing the fossil fuel industry, and reducing food production. In the end, their policies are racist and sexist.

ESG funds are underperforming badly, but that doesn’t stop them. They have excuses for that.

This is the fate of the Dutch farming industry. The demands are impossible, and the Politicians, the UN, and the World Economic Forum will destroy them.

“For my son, where can he find a living and know what will be allowed in 10 years?” asked Erik Stegink, a protesting pig farmer in the Dutch village of Bathmen.

The drastic hampering of Holland’s farming industry, directly and indirectly, will put thousands of farmers out of work, reduce food availability, and increase food prices internationally when food insecurity is rising, FEE reports.


  1. Under Monarchy the King owns everything and everyone, no matter how rich and noble still has to do what the King says. That’s what it’s all about Restoration called reset. Get the peasants off the farms and put only those the King approves of in. Then he can determine how well fed the workers are going to be, how much they will pay for their daily bread. Total communism from the King as the Centralused governor of the world. And while the morons keep thinking its about this or that prime mi ister or president they will never ever stop any of it.
    Now England’s parliament threw, bo bo Johnson put of office against his will and with much shoving and pushing un til finally they got humpty dumpty over the wall, right back into position they’ve put the first ever female Catholic “deputy” prime minister. She will just replace him and truss will be her puppet speaking her lines really.

  2. I bet that the snatch and grab police are not even Dutch. They were probably imported like they did in Canada to crush the protestors.

    • Bingo. Damn shame that Kanadians did not turn them into charcoal.

      Either Kanadians resist and this turns out terrible or Kanadians don’t resist and this turns out infinitely worse.

      • The Citizens of the Western Liberal Democracies were turned into cows and ewes .
        First they’re milked, later culled .

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