WEF Orders Journalists To ‘Cease and Desist’ Exposing Secret Globalist Agenda

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The World Economic Forum has instructed mainstream media outlets and journalists to "cease and desist" exposing their secret agenda and instead focus on more important issues such as "climate change" and "online misinformation."

The World Economic Forum has instructed mainstream media outlets and journalists to “cease and desist” exposing their secret agenda and instead focus on more important issues such as “climate change” and “online misinformation.

Adrian Monck, managing director of the WEF, also slammed politicians who questioned the globalist body’s policy proposals, particularly in Canada, where a national debate has been raging about the WEF’s increasing control over the world since the pandemic began and the role the WEF has played in the energy crisis.

According to Monck, anybody who questions anything the WEF says or does is spewing disinformation.

Sadly, Canada was one of those places where…there’s a vulnerability to disinformation. It’s an open society. And…that particular strand of disinformation went into the mainstream,” Monck told CBC Radio’s The House in a Saturday interview.

“Canada should be talking about a lot of things right now. It shouldn’t really be talking about the World Economic Forum based here in Geneva.”

Except that the World Economic Forum based in Geneva is pulling the puppet strings in the Canadian parliament. Klaus Schwab has boasted about “penetrating” the Canadian government with his Young Global Leaders, including the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, among others. So why shouldn’t Canadians being talking about their real leaders over there at the WEF in Geneva, Switzerland?

Monck went on to claim that the “Great Reset” term is really just a harmless talking point created during the COVID pandemic that deserves no real attention. He told Catherine Cullen, host of CBC Radio’s The House.

One of the things our organization tries to do is say to people, ‘Look beyond the one week, three months and think about maybe some of the longer term things you could be doing.’ That was what the great reset was aimed to do back in the summer of 2020.”

Of course, Monck’s argument is itself disinformation.

WEF founder Klaus Schwab himself boasted that his organization “penetrated the cabinets” of multiple governments through its Young Global Leaders program to facilitate its Great Reset policies — that fact alone is enough to dismiss Monck’s complaints.

The Great Reset is a multi-pronged initiative to deindustrialize the developed world, transform the global food system by phasing out meat in favor of insects, develop a Chinese-style social credit score system, and tightly control people’s movements, all in the name of fighting climate change and preserving “democracy.”

Realizing the people are wising up to its Great Reset agenda, the WEF convened a summit earlier this summer discuss how to “restore trust” from the public.

They were also caught scrubbing the internet of evidence of their plans to use mind control on the masses via cutting-edge sound wave technology. Unfortunately for Klaus Schwab’s WEF, the internet is forever.

In 2018 they published an article entitled, Mind control using sound waves? We ask a scientist how it works. Of course, it was scrubbed from their site, but thanks to the Wayback Machine we have the evidence of their technocratic depravity.

We also have evidence of their common-or-garden variety depravity. Not content with forcing humanity to subsist on a diet of insects and bugs, the WEF wants us to drink recycled sewage.

The head of the UK’s Environment Agency, who is closely linked to the World Economic Forum, announced last week that common people need to be “less squeamish” about drinking “toilet-to-tap” water from sewage plants, as countries and states around the world move towards recycling sewage for human consumption, falling into lockstep with WEF ideology.

In an op-ed in The Times, Sir James Bevan, whose views have previously been disseminated by the WEF, writes that “drinking recycled sewage is the future.”

The idea of recycling toilet waste for human consumption — once the realm of dystopian science-fiction films — is gaining traction globally as the WEF penetrates governments.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Netherlands have closely followed the WEF’s Great Reset agenda, specifically its proposal to reduce nitrogen emissions by limiting fertilizer, which has resulted in massive uprisings by farmers.

Likewise, French President Emmanuel Macron declared the “end of abundance” for citizens last month amid reports that soaring energy costs brought on by WEF-linked governments in response to Ukraine would drastically reduce people’s ability to heat their homes this winter.

And remember, the country of Sri Lanka collapsed after its government forced the adoption of WEF policies reflected in its Environmental Social Governance (ESG) score, which is probably why the WEF recently deleted its article bragging of a plan to transform Sri Lanka into a utopia by 2025.

And don’t forget, as Young Global Leader Jacinda Ardern says, “government is your single source of truth. Unless you hear it from us, it’s not the truth.”

No wonder the people are wising up to the Great Reset agenda. People like to say we are experiencing a great awakening. I think it’s more appropriate to say it’s a great remembering. We are remembering who we are. We are reclaiming our divine sovereignty and rejecting the slavery of the Great Reset agenda.


Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Not sure what that comment means, but yes the wars are concocted by the Central bankers. they are not citizens of any country and consider themselves far above such things.

    They actually funded both hitler and stalin in WW2. The goals was to kill as many brave Christians as they could. The battle of Stalingrad was pointless goal, but it did serve as a great meat grinder to get rid of top notch german and russian men.

    Yes the Central bankers start wars then it is easier to come in the after math and grab what they want. and generally seize control

    Did you know that the MIG 15’s engine was a British Engine? Without it the Mig would have been a piece of junk.

    The British struck a deal with Stalin to let him have the engine right before the Korean war started.

    everyone was real quiet about that. well because the Rothschilds own the AP and Reuters news networks among other people they bribe and have on their payrolls.

    “Give me the authority to print a nation’s currency, i care not what her laws are”

    Clause’s mother is a Rothschild.

    • The war was to crush Europe and Russia. Join the dots Who wins ? Russia was on the brink of being the greatest economic and military superpower on earth and the tsars father had just finished drawing up himself writing it a vinstirutuonal Monarchy very like England’s So they got him blown up If he had tone that then Russias Royal. Family would be the royal family of the world now. Not England’s.

    • Banks use to give out FREE DONuts and count your change Plus free coffee now the banks are only a bill board drive though

  2. The Pope advises them like the Queen advises the Prime minister. They’re lackeys. Faces shoved in the public face as scapegoats. Paid to be seen to be making decisions.

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