The World Economic Forum Vows to Buy Up Dutch Farmers’ Lands

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The World Economic Forum WEF to buy up Dutch farmers' land

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has revealed plans to buy up land left by Dutch farmers who are being put out of business by the global elite.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is one of the WEF’s Young Global leaders and has vowed to help usher in ‘The Great Reset‘.

The WEF Great Reset global leaders are rushing to implement their sinister agenda because the plan is to have everything in place 2030 – Agenda 2030. reports: The elite “see a future for us where we are completely dependent on the State, eat bugs, they own your land, you own nothing and you’ll be happy is what they say.”

They want the Dutch dependent. They also plan to use some of the lands for asylum seekers.

They push open borders. Agenda 2030 is the New World Order.