Chelsea Clinton Is Demanding That Facebook Ban Tucker Carlson

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Carlson Clinton

Leftists have renewed their calls for Tucker Carlson to be censored and banned after he dared to ask why Americans were still being forced to live under restrictions after the rollout of the covid vaccines,

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton was among those calling for his ban. She said he doesn’t deserve a microphone and even accused Carlson of ‘racist hate’.

Carlson responded Thursday by tripling down on his questions.

Summit news reports: Clinton begged for Facebook to ban Carlson after video of his comments went viral, suggesting that it is “Especially troubling given Republican men are currently most likely to say they’re not interested in being vaccinated.”

Clinton also accused Carlson of ‘racist hate’:

Carlson responded Thursday night, noting that “Internationally renowned humanitarian and intellectual Chelsea Clinton has had about enough of this show, so she called today for Facebook to shut us down.”

“Dr. Chelsea Clinton is mad that we asked super obvious questions that everyone in the country should be asking,” Carlson added.

“So does the vaccine, and there are a couple of them, but do they work or don’t they work? It is okay, you can tell us,” Carlson again asked.

The host also noted that the CEO of Pfizer announced Thursday that Americans may need a booster shot EVERY YEAR.

Carlson noted “The CEO of Pfizer came out and seemed to suggest today that actually, the dose that Pfizer is administering doesn’t work. The CEO of Pfizer now said two doses probably aren’t enough. He said it is “Likely that people will need a third dose” of his company’s coronavirus vaccine within 12 months of getting fully vaccinated. I guess it is nice to know that now.”

He continued, “We didn’t know that yesterday. When Chelsea Clinton was trying to pull us off the air for asking questions that he partly answered. Thank you, CEO of Pfizer, glad to know. The CEO of Pfizer added it is possible people need to get vaccinated against coronavirus every year. Well, that is good to know, too.”

Clinton has also called for President Trump to release proof that he has been vaccinated.


  1. Tactical distractions. All of this is just distractions to turn up the temperature. Chelsea’s goal is to incite violence, hate and anger from the Right but doesn’t understand that we already witnessed that FOX news is in on this after they called Arizona with 3% of the vote in. I am glad they think we are so stupid and so gullible. The reason for such a hard push to take the vaccine by MSM and SM is due to the fact that the number of people refusing the vaccine is FAR HIGHER than the information we get from “News” outlets. Ask around your neighborhood how many people are refusing it. Nurses in Nursing Homes in NY have declined the vaccine in such high numbers that it stunned the medical industry. They know something is wrong, too.

  2. Someone inform this thing their racism malarkey doesn’t work anymore. Put it where it can’t harm anyone anymore.

  3. So the spawn is flapping its wings, trying to get started for its attack on the presidency in about 6 or 7 years? I wonder if it will go for chin surgery by then?

  4. Now with this story, we know Tucker and Clintons are on opposite sides. Or is Tucker just a controlled oppositon agent, and this article is just designed to give him street cred?

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