NHS Staff Told Not To Promote Transgender Children’s Charity ‘Mermaids’

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Health bosses have told front line NHS staff not to promote the work of the transgender children’s rights charity Mermaids following a recent string of controversies involving the group.

Black Country NHS Integrated Care Board (ICB) has written to all its Primary Care staff instructing them not to “signpost to this charity at this time and remove references to them in any support materials” amid safeguarding concerns.

This is the latest blow to the organisation after it was revealed that Mermaid’s trustee Jacob Breslow, spoke at an event held by an organisation that provides professional services to help pedophiles “live in truth and dignity”.

Breslow resigned last week after it emerged that he had given a presentation at an event for B4U-ACT, an American group that promotes professional services “for self-identified individuals  . . .  who are sexually attracted to children”.

The Mail Online reports: Mermaids is being investigated by the Charity Commission following revelations that one of its staff had agreed to send a breast binder to an undercover journalist posing as a teenage girl.

The ICB told staff not to ‘signpost to this charity at this time and remove references to them in any support materials you may have’.

GPs and other staff have been brought up to speed with media coverage about the fallout, The Telegraph reports.

Mermaids has attracted additional scrutiny for weeks following its legal attempt to remove the charity status of the LGB Alliance – a charity set up to uphold gay, lesbian and bisexual rights.

During the hearing, Mermaids’ heads of trustees Belinda Bell insisted the charity ‘[doesn’t] give medical advice’ – despite its CEO Susie Green describing controversial puberty blockers as ‘reversible’ and The Telegraph’s subsequent scoop about the breast binder incident.

Scores of gender critical activists have criticised Mermaids’ practices, while author JK Rowling openly challenged Mermaids on Twitter.

This week it was also revealed that one of Mermaids trustees, Jacob Breslow, had spoken at a conference for B4U-ACT, a group assisting ‘self-identified individuals… who are are sexually attracted to children’.

In a subsequent statement, Dr Breslow said : ‘I unequivocally condemn child sexual abuse. My work is about protecting marginalised children and young people, not exposing them to harm.

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