Trans Charity Investigated Over Reports It Gave ‘Breast Binders’ To Children Against Parents’ Wishes

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A transgender childrens charity is being investigated by the Charity Commission over reports that it gave breast binders to children against their parents wishes.

Mermaids, which supports transgender, non-binary and gender diverse children and their families, reportedly supplied the chest-flattening devices to young girls without parentel consent.

The Charity Commission opened a regulatory compliance case into the organisation, which was established in 1995, after a number of complaints.

Mermaids said it will reply to the Charity Commission in “due course” but that it will not be commenting further at this stage, the BBC reported.

The Guardian reports: A spokesperson for the commission said: “Concerns have been raised with us about Mermaids’ approach to safeguarding young people.

“We have opened a regulatory compliance case and have written to the trustees. We now await their reply.”

According to an investigation by the Daily Telegraph, the charity has been offering binders to children as young as 13 despite their parents saying they opposed the practice.

Chest binding is opposed by some groups over fears it causes breathing difficulties, back pain and broken ribs.

The newspaper also reported that the Mermaids online help centre has been offering advice to teenagers that hormone-blocking drugs are safe and “totally reversible”.


  1. Clearly the media is desperate for viewers and readers to read and watch history’s most idiotic people doing the most gross and disgusting things a twisted mind can do for attention, and they freely give them the stage.

    Armageddon would be a blessing in disguise. Guess who will be the first to go.

  2. It’s evil Mermaids I remeber thinking about as a young child because navy stories and influences were big back then, in that decade, alongside cowboys propagandas, and I decided mermaids were sailors from the olden days when they did grow their hair long and they would comb and plait each others hair. Back then they recruited new sailors when they were in port by going to the pubs and picking up likely talent and get them drunk and take 4hem back to the ship. They were called press gangs. The lad who wanted to get pressed would get themselves dolled up and go to the pub when the ships were in port
    It was the old “what do you do with the drunken sailor early in the morning” ditty. I don’t know if people still know it They ve chosen to erase as much of the past as possible.

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