Whoopi Goldberg: Unborn Children are ‘Toxic Things’ Taking Up Too Much Space

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Unborn children are “toxic things” that are taking up too much space, according to Whoopi Goldberg, who said that “having a heartbeat” is not enough to make the child “viable” as a human being who deserves the right not to have its life extinguished.

During an appearance on the “Chris Cuomo Project” podcast, Goldberg was as radical as ever, including going so far as to refer to those unborn babies as a “toxic thing” insider the mother.

The View co-host’s remarks came as she was ranting about the Supreme Court’s Dobb’s decision that overturned the Roe decision from the 1970s, and returned regulation of abortion to the 50 states.

“Well, I think it is negative that you change the law that’s 50 years old that you didn’t do enough homework about to see what the consequences were going to be for women. Not black women or Asian women or Hispanics. Just women in general,” she said. “You changed the law without even having the information of what that means for someone who has a birth difficulty in the pregnancy that requires that they not keep this toxic thing in.”

Then she became even more unhinged.

“You think because there’s a heartbeat [that’s enough] — you’re not thinking about [whether] the child [is] viable. Does this child have a brain and hands and arms? You’re not thinking about any of that — you’re not thinking about how did this little girl get pregnant. You’ve made no space.”

It’s far from the first time Goldberg has embarrassed herself in public.

In June, she called for police to arrest over 100 million law-abiding American gun owners for the crime of believing in the Second Amendment.

Goldberg started her rant by demanding that the Biden administration outlaw AR-15’s immediately.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. It is clear she didn’t get that type of thinking from her mother–otherwise she wouldn’t be here. They always fail to mention the SC only turned it back over to the States, it is not in the Constitution but the 2nd Amendment is. Her head will really explode if the SC rule the 2020 election was illegal….LOL

    • I would pay really good money to see Whoopie’s self induced, commie head explode. Of course, I want to watch in slow-mo, 8K high def.

  2. Scientifically speaking she is correct now They have poisoned them in utero and they are toxic. In fact being honest any one who conceives now is selfish and most likely narcissistic. Any decent person wouldn’t Only the ignorant have an excuse.

    • I’ve been researching the radiation poisoning on the planet and its horrific the lies were being told about safe foods and drugs and water and air. And with the mums and dads vaccinated with mRNA gmo modified spetm and eggs, damaged from the environment and recreational drugs and medications, alcohol, lifestyle the drs might say, oh well your kids got autism, aren’t you lucky, or is brain damaged, aren’t we lucky or is defective or they might say surprise your babies healthy. They lie. It won’t be. Time will tell.

      • George and Barbra Bush had 6 damaged kids, brain damaged or whatever One girl died in hospital and they were there and once it died they left and went and played golf for the afternnoon They didn’t Bury it The grandmother had to eventually Bury it ages, like 3 or 6 months later or something According to 60 minutes That’s going to become common.

  3. Whoopi was once a fetus, but she’s still a toxic waste of space. Maybe she should make room for better humans and abort herself.

  4. toxic things taking up too much space?
    I always wondered why the eilites liked whoopie?
    Why they kept her around so long.
    They probably stopped laughing at her decades ago.
    She lost her influence decades ago.
    She is a do nothing useful idiot.

  5. Whoopi is a vile, Satanic “toxic thing”… maybe she should disengage from life for being a waste of space.

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