Mexican TV Doctor, Who Pushed Covid Vaccines on Public, Dies Suddenly of Heart Attack

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A popular Mexican TV doctor who regularly appeared on “Mexico Today” as a “vaccination expert” and who regularly vaccinated celebrities on air, has been found dead after dying suddenly from a myocardial infarction, according to reports. Dr. Moreno was a vocal advocate of COVID mRNA vaccines

Dr. Alfredo Victoria Moreno was only 42 years old when he died in his sleep early Monday, Governor Sergio Salomón Céspedes Peregrina confirmed during a press conference. The governor stated that the medical doctor died of “natural causes” but did not provide further details.

“A restrained, responsible man, who together with the entire Health Sector, from different fronts, helped save many lives,” Peregrina said.

In addition to being a medical specialist in epidemiology, he formerly held positions as a director for the Red Cross and as an adviser for the Ministry of Health.

Visibly shocked, Raúl Araiza, co-host of HOY program, announced the untimely passing of Dr. Moreno on the show while pointing out that he died of natural causes.

“Well, we want to inform you that… obviously it shocks us all as a team because you are creating bonds and affection… our very highly esteemed collaborator, Dr. Alfredo Victoria Moreno, died of natural causes, it seems…”.

Later, it was revealed that Moreno died of a heart attack, according to a report from Sdpnoticias.

GWP report: Earlier this year, the doctor revealed on his TikTok that he was hospitalized due to atrial fibrillation – a form of arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat, in which the atria (the two small upper chambers of the heart) quiver instead of beating effectively.

In a rough translation, Dr. Moreno said: “Well, now it is our turn to be patients. We are here hospitalized for a process of arrhythmia in atrial fibrillation, in a sequel that I have been carrying from COVID. This is the third episode I have had. And well, we must understand that exposure to the virus and having a disease like COVID is highly inflammatory, where it affects both the heart cell, which is the myocyte, and also affects the layers of the heart, especially the pericardium, generating inflammation there. Pericarditis occurs. And all of that also likes, in that not with a cardiac rhythm, which is an atrial sleep fiber. So, today it is our turn to be on this side.”

Dr. Moreno is a staunch advocate of the COVID vaccine. His social media are filled with posts urging the public to get the vaccine.

“For people over 50 and those who are immunocompromised, a second booster dose is certainly a great idea,” said Dr. Moreno in one of his videos.

“If you can give yourself a vaccine, give it. The best vaccine is the one that is in your arm,” he added.

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