Man’s Health Dramatically Improves After 30 Days Without Sugar

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A filmmakers gave up sugar and alcohol for 30 days and his health dramatically improved

A filmmaker from Holland, Sacha Harland, has gone on camera to document his experience of completely giving up sugar and alcohol for one month to see what effect it had on him emotionally and physically.

Before the experiment began he was given a routine physical examination and declared to be in reasonable health (albeit with a slightly elevated blood pressure). He was told he would have to throw nearly everything out from his fridge and kitchen cupboards, as sugar pervades nearly all food items – even those you would least expect. reports:

Kicking a sugar addiction is not easy. First, our body goes through withdrawal and detoxing symptoms. During the first week, Sacha felt easily tired and craved sweet and salty snacks. Going out with friends, ordering take-out or simply buying a drink in a convenience store were real tortures.

He couldn’t find a drink other than water which had no sugar, alcohol or flavorings. By day four, he felt really cranky and hungry all the time.

Just when he was about to go crazy, however, things started to brighten up.

Dietitian Explains

A visit to dietitian Marlou Bosma taught him a lot about the benefits of a healthy diet and the negative effects of sugar and alcohol on our bodies.

“Sweet things make you crave for more. Your blood sugar rises, insulin is created to bring it down. Then you want sweet things again,” she said in the video.

“Sugar wants vitamins, it makes you tired. Alcohol does that to you, you dehydrate. You will feel fitter after a month without sweets, alcohol and preserved foods,” Marlou added.

After his dietitian’s pep talk, Sacha grew determined to stick to his new diet and started to feel more energized.

Fast forward 25 days and he could now state in front of the camera, with pride in his eyes, that for the first time ever, he didn’t crave for sweets anymore.

“The last week is almost over. I get up easier and have energy to spare. That was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think it would make this much difference to my physical constitution.”

And while he already felt the difference, he went to the physician once again to see if she could track any progress in his health. There, he was pleasantly surprised to discover that he had lost eight pounds, his blood pressure went from 135 to 125, cholesterol went down eight percent and his blood sugar level was much lower than before.

To conclude his month without sugar, flavorings and alcohol, he said: “The beginning was very hard. But eventually I detoxed from the sugar and it went very well.”

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  1. i am doing this now. been so for 2 months. my weight is down, I sleep like a baby. and feel great. I also fast for 16hrs and eat great food like rib eye with leafy vegetalbles, mushrooms and cheese. I don’t eat any carbohydrates like bread, sugars, starchy vegetables. only leafy vegetables. oh and nuts. no grains.

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