VIDEO: With A Looming Loss To The SNP, Labour’s Harris Not Happy

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Everyone has different ways of handling things – politicians like Tom Harris are no exception to this rule.  The MP, Labour’s candidate for Glasgow South, recently released a video of his dog, with an end tag asking for people to vote for him.  As The Independent UK says: election season seems to be getting to him.

The Independent reports:

In 2010, Harris earned a commanding victory in the constituency to continue his role as an MP.

But just five years later, and after witnessing a 23.5 per cent swing in local opinion polls to the SNP, the Labour man is now posting LOL animal videos online, declaring that he’s bored of politics.

Harris took to YouTube on Sunday, posting a video, imaginatively titled “Dog drag”, where Labour supporters can view their candidate, yes, dragging his dog Poppy around on a carpet.



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