A Colorado City Makes It Illegal To Sit Or Lie On Sidewalks

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Criminalizing homelessness?

A Colorado city council has approved an ordinance that prohibits anyone from sitting or lying down on downtown sidewalks, curbs and other public areas.

Anyone who violates the ordinance, which goes into effect this summer in Durango City, will face fines of up $200

Critics claim the move represents an attack on the homeless.

RT reports: The move is seen by some as an effort to try and clean up the downtown area and make it safer for residents. Business owners and councilors in particular were in favor of the motion.

“People can stand with a sign on Main Avenue all day long and they are absolutely within their First Amendment rights,” Councillor Dick White said. “I think this is achieving what we are trying to achieve,” he added.

Critics argued that it was an attack on homeless people and beggars and that it wouldn’t solve the city’s homeless problem.

“I think this is a Band-Aid. I think this ordinance is going to merely cover a wound that is festering in our city,” one local resident reportedly said. Many social media users also slammed the new law.

However, the ordinance does not apply to people in the midst of a medical emergency, people with disabilities, parade and festival-goers, children in strollers and performers at special events.

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