Secretary Of State Says US Will Confront Russia’s Aggression Against Europe

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The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said that Washington will confront Russia’s “aggression” against its European neighbors and has vowed to help Europe wean itself off Russian oil and gas.

Tillerson claimed thar Russia’s cyberattacks, energy policy and actions in Ukraine “are not the behaviors of a responsible nation.”

“We will not stand for this violation of international norms,” he said in his speech  at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, aimed at reassuring European allies about America’s commitment to security on the continent.

He said US money and know how would help Croatia and Poland build liquefied natural gas terminals and Greece and Bulgaria lay a pipeline. “The Ukraine crisis also made clear how energy supplies can be wielded as a political weapon,” he warned, vowing to help prevent big suppliers like Russia from “extorting” clients in Europe.

Press TV reports:

Tillerson said he had warned Moscow that relations with Washington would never be normal unless Russia withdrew its forces from neighboring Ukraine.

The US and its allies have levied broad economic sanctions against Russia over its alleged support for pro-Russia forces in eastern Ukraine and Moscow’s reunification with Crimea after a referendum in 2014.

The United States has deployed a contingent of troops to Eastern Europe near Russia’s border since 2014. The deployments have been supplemented by four NATO battle groups of more than 1,000 soldiers.

Tillerson also claimed that Russia employs various “malicious tactics” from using disinformation campaigns and cyber-attacks to undercutting US and European democracies, to the “serial” harassing of diplomatic personnel, including US Embassy employees in Moscow.

“Russia can continue to isolate and impoverish itself by sowing disorder abroad and impeding liberty at home, or it can become a force that will advance the freedom of Russians and the stability of Eurasia,” Tillerson said.

He also said that there was still an imminent threat after the Cold War, adding that Russia sought “to define a new post-Soviet global balance of power.”

Russia “seeks to impose its will on others by force” either “by virtue of its nuclear arsenal” or by partnering with the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad, Tillerson claimed.

The US accuses Moscow of meddling in Syria. Russia has been helping Damascus fight Daesh terrorists at the request of the Syrian government.

Tillerson’s remarks came despite President Donald Trump’s repeated calls for warmer relations with Moscow which has been accused of meddling in the 2016 US presidential election.


  1. If the US weans Europe off Russian oil, whose oil will they replace it with, OPEC? 1) What oil Europe uses is not a US concern and 2) the US, and the world, is better off the less oil OPEC sells. Islam and muslims are the 800 gorilla in the room not Russia.

  2. How many countries, (incapable of fighting back), has Russia made war on? How many children are they killing with drones? They aren’t the ones with an aggressive foreign policy. They don’t have troops lined up at our borders. As for Europe, they have an immigration policy that insures self defeat without Russian interference. Why shouldn’t Putin just wait while Europe, (and for that matter, America) destroy themselves economically, and socially? Because we won’t let him. Where is the mandate from the American people for our foreign wars, or our confrontation of Russia? Who isn’t sick of our contrived and shortsighted, but brutal, war on terror? Good relations with Russia, and peace on earth are in the interest of humanity. They are an overdue change for population culling, pro war government.

  3. Hi Mike totally agree 100% with you ,I live in Portugal which supplies us with Russian oil and gas ,we have never ever been threatened by Russia ,and in fact I now watch R T news as I get the truth from this channel not like C.N.N. who tell the biggest falsehoods about Donald Trump 24 hours a day ,total brainwashing for the sheepie

  4. What a load of crap. Russia knows that much of Europe is the way it is because that’s what mainland Europeans fought for. They stood up to sit down. To sit down and smoke pot, vegetate, drink, eat garbage, and cut down the last of their family tree and subsequently genome. I don’t care if it was the Anglo’s fault; the majority of white people, in Europe especially, now have a genetic defect that prevents them from reproducing and even producing. They create a welfare state so they don’t have to take any risks. Ask any decent American man. God does NOT support people who refuse all risks.

    Now, these people become worthless from age 16-24, depending on their luck of the draw. They literally go through puberty and then die. Generation after generation, the white man now produces less and less, and now next to nothing. From most of the world’s advancements to not even a good fart. God has made it clear, that all Europeans and their descendants who are to survive will now split ALL of the talent for the race! Look at what these people do when left alone! Europe shipped its talent to North America. Now North America shipped its talent to Asia. Now most worldly accomplishment comes from Eastern Asians. You CANNOT blame Jews or even WASPS for this. The White man can whine that this was “done to him”, but where was he when his country, culture and livelihood were threatened? No matter what keeps happening to Europe, or the White man wherever he resides, there seems to be no resistance. NONE!! No drive. No will. No motivation. Look at 70-90 year-old white people. Totally worthless self-entitled welfare-dwellers, all.

    So shut up about Russia. They are the only remaining hope for the European people. They are not genociding babies and women. They do not destroy their own youth and kill off their elderly on purpose, nor does the rest of the world. They are not beating up the Earth because they hate their own existence. So, whatever they do — GOOD! Let them do it. Because things need to change and fast. And nothing coming from the US, the UK or mainland Europe is going to matter anymore. And some white-ass Atlantis fantasy utopia is also NOT what is coming. SORRY!

  5. Russia is no worse than anybody else.. at least putin tells the truth about the new world order

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