Once Praised for World’s Highest Vaccination Rate, Portugal Now Records Highest Excess Deaths

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Portugal has the highest Covid-19 vaccination rate in the world, according to Oxford University’s Our World in Data, with almost 100 percent of eligible citizens over the age of 12 double vaccinated.

The extraordinary statistic means Portugal is the perfect case study for how the experimental mRNA vaccines have performed – and whether they have any downsides.

While Bill Gates, the mainstream media, and the Big Pharma cartel have been claiming that the more people who are vaccinated, the healthier the society, in reality the exact opposite appears to be true.

The extraordinary vaccination rate in Portugal has caused many problems, according to medical experts, however perhaps the most striking outcome in the Iberian nation is the excess death rate which continues to accelerate year-on-year post-mRNA roll out.

“According to data from the Instituto Ricardo Jorge, published this Thursday in Expresso, between December 18 and January 14 there was a 28% excess mortality,” explains Gustavo Tato Borges, President of the National Association of Public Health Doctors.

Doctors are baffled as Portuguese citizens continue dying in numbers previously considered unthinkable. For example, in January this year, more than 2,800 citizens died above the baseline level.

So many people are dying in 2024 that hospitals and emergency health care facilities are totally overwhelmed.

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“The national association of public health doctors considers that the overcrowding of emergency departments may have jeopardized effective care for people, and contributed to high levels of mortality,” said Gustavo Tato Borges.

The skyrocketing excess death rate is shocking the nation and widespread calls for an official investigation into the cause have been repeatedly stalled by the government.

Investigators could begin by noting that Portugal boasts the highest vaccination rate in the world and also the highest excess death rate in Europe. Sometimes, correlation does imply causation.

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