Jeffrey Epstein Said ‘He Needed To Have Something On Prince Andrew’

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Epstein Prince Andrew

Jeffrey Epstein admitted ‘he needed to have something on Prince Andrew’ when asked about their friendship, according to a new documentary.

In a four part series ‘Surviving Jeffrey Epstein’, accuser Lisa Phillips claims that Virginia Roberts was not the only ‘sex slave’ that Epstein trafficked to the Duke of York.

She claims that “most of the girls didn’t speak about what happened with Prince Andrew but I had one very good friend who confided in me about her experience with him” adding that “She told me that Jeffrey kind of instructed her to go into a room and have sex with Prince Andrew.”

The Sun reports: A number of contributors to the four-part series – being screened on Lifetime – also claim Epstein would provide the woman to his associates before he wanted to have control over other powerful people.

“He just mentioned that he needs to have something on people,” adds Phillips.

Roberts told the documentary: “There were times that he would send me on a commercial flight to go meet the people… saying, ‘I want you to take care of them and report back to me what they liked, what you did for them’.”

Forensic psychiatrist Dr Barbara Ziv explained: “Once [Epstein] gets someone to accept to have sex with an underage kid, it gives him some power over the individual when the individual accepts.

“[Epstein] thought of these girls as commodities. He gave them out like he’d give out a good bottle of wine or a trip on his boat or a flight to somewhere…They were nothing more than objects to him.”

Numerous former associates of Epstein have also said that the rooms in his vast Manhattan townhouse, where Andrew is known to have stayed, were fitted with cameras.

The cameras are said to have been intended to capture compromising footage of Epstein’s guests.

Describing the rumours, New York Times journalist Christopher Mason, a one-time friend of Maxwell’s, says: “The stories I kept on hearing were that in every guest bedroom in Jeffrey Epstein’s house, there were hidden cameras.

“And that part of Jeffrey’s ability to manipulate was that he had this video of powerful men having sex with underage girls.

“And these recordings were held in a safe that Jeffrey was using as a power tool to manipulate wealthy guys to make them do whatever he wanted.”


  1. What a load of bollocks As if anyone would be so totally stupid as to tell the u underage girls hes having sex with that he wants to use them to have something on other people. Total puke of absolutely absurd nonsense

    • Epstein was operating a Mossad directed, honeypot blackmail operation.

      This Mossad honeypot blackmail operation targeted high level people with political power, people who believe they are above the law, not people like you.

      The fact that you can’t understand this idea makes you appear senile.

  2. Epstein was a good friend of serial rapist donald trump. He also was a maralago member, which trump lied about. Wonder why …

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