‘Swept Under the Rug’: UFC Champion Demands Names of ‘Elite Pedos’ Served By Epstein and Maxwell

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UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya dropped a series of truth bombs live on air on Friday, demanding to know why Ghislaine Maxwell was served with a 20 year sentence for trafficking children, yet none of the elite pedophiles who used her services have been named, shamed, or prosecuted.

Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison earlier this week for helping billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein traffick and sexually abuse underage girls. Prosecutors called Maxwell’s conduct “shockingly predatory”, with her trial hearing she and Epstein courted the global elite as they lured vulnerable children into their world.

Ghislaine Maxwell just got put away for 20 years. So she was supplying kids for all these f***ing pedos, right. Where’s the list?” said Adesanya.

After the interviewer said the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard libel trial received blanket media coverage while the Maxwell trial was ignored by mainstream media, Adesanya said:

So the list of politicians and actresses and actors that they talked about, does that just get swept under the rug? Do they not actually get any time for f***ing those kids? That’s just weird. That just doesn’t compute with me.

Adesanya is far from the only person demanding to know the names of the elite pedophiles in Epstein and Maxwell’s infamous “little black book.”

Social media is alight with ordinary people demanding to know why mainstream media is covering for the global elite pedophiles that were serviced by Epstein and Maxwell.

Even Piers Morgan has admitted it’s extraordinary that Ghislaine Maxwell has not “done a deal” to reveal the other rich and powerful names involved, considering the fact she will spend 20 years in prison for sex trafficking.

“She had this black book with everybody’s names and details in it and it contains some of the most powerful people in the world,” said Morgan.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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    • Yes because, they’re hateful And will use any ippoetnithly granted from the elite bullies in the law to throw stones very happily.

      • I have to ask myself what kind of person would make a statement like the one you just made–those who think it is hateful to bring a child rapist to Justice must be part of the gang.

        • You don’t really think a great deal You just react to triggered statements designed to elicit the conditioned response That’s you. And your logics as ridiculous ax the rest of your intellectual capacity Like a 12 or 13year old.

          • From somebody who makes a post and respond to themselves constantly, you are either a troll or desperate for a conversation with other and I have notice other don’t converse with you. FYI many still think those in DC are going to do something for them. I have been respectful and I’m going to continue being respectful by blocking you.

          • Your idea of respectful is passive aggressive rudeness. It’s rude. Your rude insulting demeaning and so elicit the same responses .

          • Your defence of human trafficking is INSANE and you do that day in day out year after year WTF are you one of them?.

          • Thank you Because I don’t read comments that belong in a primary school toilet wall.

        • A human trafficking MOBster GROUP!!!!!!!! drugging killing and playing GOD sexually and anyway they want to on kids is a international crime group of ORG CRIME worst of the worst.MOst crime fighters worldwide say the only way to stop a ORG human crime trafficking crew is to kill them all but here in miami they kill the FBI trying to stop them

          • They are being brought down–don’t know if it is true but heard that the earthquake that was felt in South Carolina the other day was not a earthquake but a deep underground tunnel being destroyed.

        • Don’t waste your time with “it” I believe “it’s” a bot since my many attempts to block won’t work.

          • Thanks, that is the first time I haven’t been able to block somebody so I didn’t know if it was a moderator somewhere–I seem to recall they can’t be blocked IDK

      • IF you had them playing YOU -you would blast them away and you would than go to jail as every happy up the ladder went ha ha ha

  1. Children are not 13 to 18. Children are up to 12 She was not grooming underage “children “AMD asking a tart if she want s to make easy money for a few minutes work giving hand relief isn’t predatory behaviour. And there’s no way it deserves jail. By rule of law The punishment must fit the crime All of those alleged children have gone on to lead happy life’s married with kids no problems. They haven’t had their life’s utterly destroyed or been strangled to death or completely shamed globally. It’s totally evil.

      • Your insane Read what I wrote I did not defend human traffickers You are delusional. Hunan traffickers steal children from orphanages or from their beds or off streets and smuggle them in trucks to places of sordid depravity where they’re brutalised and usually murdered Grow up

        • ORG CRIME is worldwide millions per years NO RULES or LEVELS street kids- degrading orphanages-.You degrade everyone even human trafficked kids.YOU think maxwell is different from other ORG CRIME then join her and move in with her in her cell/POD you`ll fit in there and you can talk about how nice the Fluct you are to your babys

        • I KNOW I~AM ONE I FIGHT THEM ALL MY 60PLUS YEARS I watch them die I watch us die as johnny and the goverments do nothin most of the time.BUT every once in a while BLAM BLAM BLAM the FBI Gets some and I`am like YES THANK GOD no more monsters eating little kids

    • INSANE MOLESTERS need padded cells no phone no TV no internet no human interactions at all or more ORG CRIME when they hit the streets again and on& on the same page even MORE ORG than ever miami everyday FBI VS ORG CRIME HUMAN trafficking rings.NOT one has happy lifes after no normal family TURN AROUNDS.SHE is locked up great keep her in there FO/LIFE plus 200,000 million year ever after.And you can join her and talk up child molesters the rest of your wasted life?

    • She still is going to be sent to England to face more charges. And the usual busy bodies covering up the real criminals and deceiving the world by stirring their simole minds into a frenzied meltdown of hysterical hatred, their favourite thing, are squealing how then the English will let her slip put the back door. All working together to keep the real criminals covered.

  2. Actually I’ve had a fitful of this legal extortion and total crap. That virgin Roberts ran away from home at age 14, she says, I’d say 13, because she was being sexaully abused by a family friend She says Yet she never says that family friend ruined her life by making her leave home leave school and live on the streets. She never namrd that petdon. She never says her parents ruined her life because she couldn’t confide in them. Insteadgqvung to become a street kid working as a hooker at 13 or 14 So right there she’s a hypocrite or a liar or demented in her thinking. Epstein takrd her in off the streets and gives her Security stability and potential for a great life. He offered her a huge salary and a beautiful townhouse if she would be his and Ghislanes surrogate. I think. Ghislane couldn’t carry a child full term. I think. Anyway point is why didn’t they know, with their access to secret services that virgin Roberts had originally after running away from her sexaully abusive home and her unsupportive parents, had hooked onto an older guy, moved in with him and knowing he was a pimp, but CHOOSING that because she couldn’t go home to her abusive family. And why didn’t they know that she then in my opinion projected her suppressed rage at her family and the family friend, un named to this day, onto him when she left and fobbed him into the cops and ruined his life. Why didn’t Epstein and Ghislane know she was a dog????! Use your brains.

    • And second point About the underage b/s which is the real expose of the guilty. Here they changed retrospectively the age of consent by raising it, as I’m sure they did elsewhere. So people who were law abiding citizens, obeying the laws dictates, later retrospectively became the most vile low life on the planet worse even than murderers. And the law did that In effect the law PIMPED ALL of those victims, so called victims, and then PROJECTED its GUILT onto law abiding citizens and EVERYONE let them get away with the most heinous deceitful criminal outrage against truth and decency and justice possible for any legal services Imaginable The absolutely biggest filthy hypocrisy on the planet.

      • And it WAS NOT done in innocent pursuit of truth and justice It was INTENTIONALLY done to entrap. To entrap. The law abiding.
        And what they after called pedophilia they originally called carnal knowledge. The sentence for that, which were rare compared to the reality and common behaviour of common people in real life, was about 3 months in jail It wasnt cindiderex the worst crime in the world because its not Unless its rape Which was different charges But making love or having a rub and tug massage wredbt evil crumed and aren’t evil crimes Entrapment with intebtions to blackmail and extort comiance to massive power grabs, huge thefts OF POWER is an evil crime

        • Carnal knowledges are for adults wanting those games not for human trafficked underaged kid`s being murdered worldwide everyday in the millions per-year GROW UP

          • No You grow up dumbarse The articles abour ghislane being sentenced for 20 years because she asked one 16 yo to wear a school. Uniform and touched another’s breasts to see if they were real. You f ing idiot you wouldn’t have a clue.

          • yourt living in yester year when everyone was a grown up at four years old and drove the tactor farmed and bred for the old folks three generations deep.That reality is over I was a human sexual breeder from age four to about 12 when I got strong and fast to fight them off death wounds head to cut off toes fingers ear lips gun shots everywhere.BUT they alway put me back togather to draw howard who they got.YOU don`t know the human trafficking I lived thought it but most of my hidden by them kids outside of the hollywood system did NOT.She trafficked under age kids and all human trafficking is the worldwide crime at any age like the mexicans dead in the semi trailer.YOU don`t know this subject move on to those you do know which are many.You don`t think some will get knocked up and those kids sold off why not no rules for them mean ANYTHING GOES under the new concrete floor IF need be

          • 20 plus years good let her rot in her own madness and you can then join her and clean up her masse

      • HUMAN TRAFFICKING ANYone is INSANE and is a crime on humanity worldwide millions per-year go missing and no one cares much like yourself

        • Human trafficking is like anything else It has degrees. You should think. But you would rather deceive rhe people into thinking Epstein was the same as a Mexican crime cartel for example who steal kids off the streets and sell them to demonic persons who use them as human sacrifice. They aren’t even comparable.

          • Been human traffic all my 60 plus years took a bullet for my mother jean peters.There are NO DEGREE`s or levels if they will&do traffic you-you are as good as dead OR you will WISH PRAY and hope you were dead.As you watch them kill off the kids they rapped away from you and turn the rest of them on you while hollywood makes inside jokes about on TV radio and the internet as no one know the meaning but those that message is aimed at.MY world is nothing but encampment and satellites towers and crew on GPS tracking ramming and killing war zoned for life WTF is the point? of living though that? as they still have control over life&death and DNA ownership.They got DAD howard hughes they even got mom jean peters who also worked for them.There is no honner in human traffickers.They all should be jailed for life but they never were and never are same as maxwell a fake deer in the headights

      • BABY BOOMER PRINTING the age of consent for each generation has always changed that is reality&LAW but it was never legal to pray upon kids and in most parts of america&mexico the town would kill those who did.You are lucky you don`t live in the wildwest and have attorneys and ORG CRIME rings to watch out for you

  3. And that f head OBVIOUSLY told to make his outburst, his dummy spit at that opportunity is culpable of being accesory to the greatest fraud and criminality ever enacted on the world by the most evil deceiving manipulative murdering thieving blackmailing extorting liars frauds alive. Its the TRUTH that’s been swept under the rug. The whole truth.

  4. Heⅼⅼo there, You havе done а fantastic job. I will definitely digg it and personally suggest to my
    friends. I’m cоnfident they’ll be benefited fгom this
    wеb site.

      • Often from orphanages too. War zones by goody two shoes And murdered Not paid 1 million dollars in cash when they said they had met some one and fallen in love like virginia was by Epstein He gifted her a million bucks in cash as a parting gesture. As a good friend of the family

        • Hollywood baby boomers PRINTING buffet sunTimes since 1967 all lit LIFTED hollywood StarLets wanted bg boobys=bg money and ZERO kids killed their STAR images so we were all human traffick& still no real indentity after 60 plus years

    • NO NO NO they would kill you when they found a new toy to play with and leave you under the NEW concrete floor they just built

      • That’s right Not fly you round the world in private jets to meet Prince’s and models and superstars and eat at the best restaurants and all the rest. Go out in public with you everywhere Night clubs and so on.

        • MOst likely meth you out rape and have the crew dump you to coverup any tracks back to ORG CRIME rings like semmie lee william JR and SR still luching aboot you won`t get the high life as you cant` been seen in public with them dumpheaders

  5. Why? because the MSM are the same as Hollywood. How many CNN staffers have been arrested for pedophile related offenses now?

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