Sierra Leone Cancels Christmas To “Prevent Ebola”

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The same country that put their citizens under martial law and quarantined their capital making it look like a scene from the film 28 Weeks Later, Sierra Leone, has canceled Christmas citing fears the holiday will spread Ebola.

In an article for The Independent UK titled “Sierra Leone just cancelled Christmas” [1], journalist Matthew Champion writes:

All public Christmas celebrations in Sierra Leone have been cancelled to help stop the spread of Ebola, it has been announced.

The government’s Ebola response unit said soldiers would be deployed on the streets to prevent people from gathering to celebrate Christmas, without providing further details.

Sierra Leone is a predominantly Muslim country but Christmas is still widely marked.

“We will ensure that everybody remains at home to reflect on Ebola,” said Palo Conteh, the head of the response unit, according to Awoko newspaper.

Today the World Health Organisation said that by Wednesday there had been 18,188 cases of Ebola in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia – by far the three worst-affected countries – and 6,583 deaths.

What do you think?  Is this a wise decision?



[1] Sierra Leone just cancelled Christmas

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