Twitter Tanks As Users Revolt Against Facebook Style Changes

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Twitter users revolt against facebook style algorithm changes #RIPTwitter

Twitter has come under fire from its users after an announcement by the company to take control of its users’ news feeds with a Facebook-style algorithm, restricting what users see on their timeline. 

Shortly after BuzzFeed broke the news, users took to twitter to revolt against the move, saying that the algorithm introduction amounts to censorship. reports:

According to Buzzfeed, the latest, radical alteration to Twitter’s user experience could come as early as next week, although the online outlet did not confirm whether the new system would be mandatory.

The news has led to the greatest backlash from Twitter’s userbase this year. #RIPTwitter has been trending internationally all day, with close to a million tweets on the hashtag. Celebrities and users from across the political spectrum are adding their voices to the online protest, and a petition urging Twtter to change course is quickly gathering steam. Troublingly for Twitter, it doesn’t look like the controversy will fade anytime soon.

This is the latest in a series of crises for Twitter. Last month, the company got into an ill-advised battle with conservatives, which kicked off after Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos mysteriously had his “verified” status taken away on Twitter.

Just as its untimely alienation of conservative users began, Twitter’s stock price began to tank. The company’s shares have plummeted in value since the start of January, and now stand at just over $15. In early December, they were worth twice that figure.

Meanwhile, rumours are spreading that Twitter has instituted a secret “shadowbanning” system, where users’ tweets and profiles are hidden from search results without their knowledge. These complaints are primarily coming from the alternative right (alt-right), a constituency that is not popular with the mainstream media, which might explain the lack of coverage.

#RIPTwitter, however, is not confined to any particular political grouping. Twitter has alienated users from across the spectrum, including some of its biggest powers users. Twitter executives are no doubt hoping that the scandal blows over by Monday, when the stock market opens — but at the moment, that looks unlikely.