Protesters Burn Netanyahu Effigy in Indian Capital Ahead Of His ‘Historic’ Visit

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Protesters took to the streets of the Indian capital on Saturday to denounce Benjamin Netanyahu’s “historic” visit to the country

The Israeli PM’s visit is the first by an Israeli leader in 15 years but the protestors wanted him to go back home before he had even arrived

Protesters with placards and flags took part in the rally before burning and effigy which was covered with pictures of Netanyahu. It was also reported that around 1,000 villages across the country held similar protests.

RT reports:

A group of men gathered in New Delhi on Saturday holding placards and banners with crossed-out images of the Israeli prime minister that read “Go back, Netanyahu” in English and Hindu. As the crowd shouted anti-Israeli slogans, a man in the front held a burning effigy, with pictures of the Israeli flag and Netanyahu attached to it, as seen in footage from Ruptly.

Netanyahu landed at the New Delhi airport Sunday in “a historic and special visit,” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said. The leaders hope to strengthen ties between the two countries during the six-day visit, with deals on cybersecurity, energy, and space cooperation expected to be signed.

The visit also comes weeks after India, along with 127 other countries, joined a UN General Assembly call for the Donald Trump administration to drop its decision on recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Israeli ambassador to India, however, said the vote would not affect bilateral relations, which are “much stronger than one vote at the UN.”

The US’ Jerusalem move generated shockwaves across the world, with violent protests erupting beyond the Middle East and a wave of criticism against Washington.


  1. Awesome!! You’ll NEVER hear about this on ANY MSM news. I would like to see Tucker Carlson hammer this one home. Dare to dream.

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