President Assad: Deep State Control America, Not Trump

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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says the Deep State have full control over America, not Trump

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claims that Trump has been duped by the Deep State, who he says have complete control of America. 

In his first interview following the Tomahawk missile attack last week, Assad claims that the neocons have taken control of the Trump administration, and that its “business as usual” for the American Deep State when it comes to dictating foreign policy.

According to the interview:

“Actually, what has been proven recently, as I said earlier, that they are hand in glove with those terrorists, the United States and the West, they’re not serious in fighting the terrorists, and yesterday some of their statesmen were defending ISIS. They were saying that ISIS doesn’t have chemical weapons.

They are defending ISIS against the Syrian government and the Syrian Army.

So, actually, you cannot talk about partnership between us who work against the terrorists and who fight the terrorism and the others who are supporting explicitly the terrorists.

…I was very cautious in saying any opinion regarding him before he became President and after.

I always say let’s see what he’s going to do, we wouldn’t comment on statements.

So, actually, this is the first proof that it’s not about the President in the United State; it’s about the regime and the deep state or the deep regime in the United States is still the same, it doesn’t change.

The President is only one of the performers on their theatre, if he wants to be a leader, he cannot, because as some say he wanted to be a leader, Trump wanted to be a leader, but every President there, if he wants to be a real leader, later he’s going to eat his words, swallow his pride if he has pride at all, and make a 180 degree U-turn, otherwise he would pay the price politically”.

Watch Assad’s full interview here


  1. I thought he was rather kind in the words used to say that Washington DC is a nest of vipers, pedophiles and international war criminals.

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