Yellowstone Struck By Earthquake Near Giant Crack In The ground

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Yellowstone supervolcano struck by massive earthquake

Yellowstone supervolcano was stuck by a rare and large M4.5 earthquake on Saturday, which experts warn could spark an eruption. 

The area just east of Yellowstone was struck near a location which was in the news a few years ago. reports: The earthquake measured in at a midrange M4.0, meaning this earthquake is noteworthy enough to cause damage , and directly follows the rare (and rather large) M4.9 which struck in Canada one day prior.

Wyoming was warned for new M4.0 range activity due to a M4.9 (M5.0) earthquake which struck to the North a day prior.

The M4.9 Canada earthquake was censored (omitted) from the USGS earthquake feeds for some reason.  A possible reason for the deliberate omission of this earthquake could be due to the fact the town nearby is called URANIUM CITY, Canada.

Information on the ‘hidden’ / omitted M4.9 earthquake in Canada from NRCAN here:

2017/11/02 12:14:00 61.55 -110.48 20.0 4.9 No 232 km ESE of Yellowknife,NT

Even more interesting than the name of the location is what is actually BELOW the location in question (aside from the possibility of Uranium).   There is a giant magma dome (Laccolith) of epic proportions.

Laccoliths, or “magma domes” are large areas which rise due to magma intruding into layers of the crust far down below.  They are a weaker point in the crust than surrounding regions which do not have cavities in them.

The oblong oval shaped magma intrusion dome may be a former sill of an ancient volcano, or may be an bulge in crust created by magma intrustion.  Regardless of its magma source, the feature is massive in size: measuring over 450 miles long (750km) and nearly 200 miles wide (300km).

This giant dome in Canada moved a day ago, which apparently pushed towards the South along the craton edge , causing the new M4.2 movement near Yellowstone supervolcano.

After the earthquake occurred along the Northern portion of the plate in Canada, within 24 hours, a location on the Eastern edge of the Yellowstone magma chamber was struck by a rare, and noteworthy M4.2 (M4.5) earthquake.

The location which was struck in Wyoming isn’t just any random location, this is a very intriguing point to see activity occur at.

Why is this location intriguing?

M 4.2 – 64km ESE of Thermopolis, Wyoming
2017-11-03 23:11:11 UTC
43.526°N   107.431°W
5.0 km depth

Aside from the name itself having a geothermal origin, Thermopolis Wyoming, the location in question was in the news just a couple years ago in 2015.

The earthquake struck due South of a town called Ten Sleep, Wyoming.

Ten Sleep , Wyoming was in the news in 2015 (october 2015) due to a very strange, and rare geologic phenomenon which took place across the countryside.

Very close to Ten Sleep, Wyoming a series of large surface fissures (cracks in the ground) formed across multiple mountainsides, and mountaintops.  There was never any official explanation given, and the news was quickly forgotten within weeks of occurring.

See all the pictures of the  “crack in the ground” event which occurred here:

Now that an earthquake of noteworthy size has struck near Yellowstone, and very close to this ‘fissure’ location, it would be prudent to keep watch for new similar sized earthquake activity ‘down stream’ from these locations.

The locations down stream from Yellowstone can be seen here:

It may also be worthwhile to see if any new surface fissure / cracks have formed in the shallow crust similar to that which occurred in October 2015.

Have an earthquake plan, and keep watch.

Don’t be scared, be prepared.

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