Video Shows Officer Using Taser On 91 Yr Old Man At Nursing Home

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Video Shows Officer Using Taser On 91 Yr Old Man At Nursing Home

Newly-released footage captures an incident from March which shows a Kansas under-sheriff tasing a 91-year-old man with Alzheimer’s at a nursing home in Minneapolis.

The Ottaway County deputy Russ Thornton was filmed discharging his stun gun at the distressed man and then handcuffing him on the ground as he writhed around in agony.

The elderly man who had become ‘disorderly’ and allegedly struck another patient, died just two months after the incident.

RT reports:

The 91-year-old man was incapacitated immediately after the deputy from Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office tased the man in the back. The incident occurred at a nursing home in Minneapolis, Kansas, and was recorded on body camera.

Local news station KWCH obtained the newly-released video footage following open records request.

The elderly man allegedly became aggressive towards another nursing home resident and resisted attempts by law enforcement and others to lead him into a van to visit a doctor, according to KWCH.

“Relax buddy,” one deputy can be heard saying as the elderly man howls in pain following the Taser shot. After he was tased, the man was put on a stretcher and taken to a hospital.

The man’s family, which does not want to be identified, said handcuffs applied by deputies broke his wrist. They also believe the incident affected the health of his heart and contributed to his death two months later.

According to KWCH, the Ottawa County Sheriff said he was wary of speaking on camera before he knows the investigation into the incident is complete.

The nursing home facility has updated its policies for situations in which residents become animated, KWCH reported.


  1. If this 91 year old man was any any relation to me I WOULD OWN THE SHERIFFS DEPT . AND FIRE BOTH OF THESE DANGEROUS DEPUTIES . THE BOTH OF THEM WOULD BE STRIPPED OF ANY POSITIVE JOB RECORD ..SCUM ZHIT BAGS . 91 years old….. I hope you guys strangle on your own food .!!

  2. I would be not only ashamed of myself if I were one of these guys, but I would be embarrassed to consider myself human and or a man also. Are they trying to suggest there was no other way to handle this individual other then a taser, if that did not work, would they have shot him, or bludgeoned him to death with batons? He probably had the strength of a worm or slug, most likely could not have thrown a punch if his life depended on it, and would not have been a match for anyone other then perhaps another 91 year old. I cannot imagine if I were there, that I by myself could not have talked him into the vehicle with some kind words and actions. This is a disgrace to all police and they should be the first to kick the shit out of this scum.

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