Saudi Arabia’s Presence In Syria Will Plunge Middle East Into Chaos

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Saudi Arabia's presence in Syria may plunge the country into chaos

A German newspaper has warned that if Saudi Arabia sends its ground troops into Syria then the entire Middle East region will be plunged into chaos. 

The Saudi Kingdom is ready to participate in any ground operation of the coalition in Syria,” Saudi military Spokesman Ahmed Assiri told news channel Al Arabiya. Airstrikes alone are not be enough to destroy ISIS, Assiri said. “There rather should be a mix of air and ground operations.” reports:

However, Washington which was ready to support all its allies in the fight against Daesh terrorists refused to comment on the Saudi’s plans. According to the newspaper, Western countries are well aware of the fact that Riyadh’s involvement in Syria would complicate the situation even more.

The newspaper noted that the deployment of Saudi ground troops without consent of the Syrian government will constitute a violation of international law. Moreover, Riyadh is in fact the main “author” of the Syrian conflict as the Saudi monarchy has become the main source of financing and weapons supply to Wahhabi terrorist groups in the region.

According to the newspaper, the intentions and motives of Riyadh are highly questionable. The Saudi rulers are likely to support the rebels, rather than fight against terrorism, and this may plunge the region into a deeper chaos, the article concluded.

The military participation of the Saudis in the conflict will never be approved by Syria, Iran and Russia. For Shiite Iran, Saudi Arabia is the real embodiment of evil, since for many decades Saudi rulers sought to expand radical Sunni beliefs throughout the Middle East. For Moscow and Damascus, in turn, their military achievements in the counterterrorism fight play the most important role. Riyadh’s intervention could negate all the common efforts, and both Russian and Syrian governments won’t let that happen, Die Welt wrote.

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