There Is Now A Mouse With a Half Human Brain

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You should be horrified.  I mean, this is worse than the things people “thought” Russian scientists were doing during the cold war – except it’s rap and all in the name of some weird science.  I mean, I’m all for progression, but this is playing God in a weird way – why not give something else a human brain?

A mouse?  Anyway, Cryptogon has an article entitled, “The Smart Mouse with the Half-Human Brain” [1], and they say:

Mice have been created whose brains are half human. As a result, the animals are smarter than their siblings.

The idea is not to mimic fiction, but to advance our understanding of human brain diseases by studying them in whole mouse brains rather than in dishes.

The altered mice still have mouse neurons – the “thinking” cells that make up around half of all their brain cells. But practically all the glial cells in their brains, the ones that support the neurons, are human.

“It’s still a mouse brain, not a human brain,” says Steve Goldman of the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York. “But all the non-neuronal cells are human.”




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