Commie Dictator Trudeau Demands Freedom Convoy Leave Ottawa: “You’re ALL Nazi’s”

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Fidel Castro's love child isn't happy.

Justin Trudeau demands hateful Freedom Convoy leave Ottawa

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doubled down his attacks on the Freedom Convoy from an undisclosed location on Monday, claiming the protestors are ‘hateful nazi’s’ who are ‘spreading violent misinformation.

Speaking outside of his safe house in a televised address to the nation, Trudeau first lauded “freedom of expression” as a “cornerstone of democracy” before immediately slamming the peaceful Freedom Convoy movement as “violent”, “hateful”, and “racist.”

“Over the past few days, Canadians were shocked, and frankly disgusted by the behavior displayed by some people protesting in our nation’s capital,” Trudeau angrily claimed.

“There is no place in our country for threats, violence, or hatred. So to those responsible for this behavior, it needs to stop,” he warned. reports:Trudeau then thanked the “90 percent” of truckers who submitted to the COVID injection, adding, “the behavior on display this weekend does not represent you.”

“You are the story of this pandemic, not the convoy,” he added.

Trudeau then claimed that taking the injection and “trusting science” and obeying “health experts” is the only way to end the pandemic.

“The way out of this pandemic is getting vaccinated, it’s listening to public health advice, and the best way to get out of this pandemic…is to show we understand the importance of following science, facts, and health experts,” Trudeau said in French.

During a Q&A follow-up to his speech, one reporter questioned why Trudeau refuses to meet with the Freedom Convoy despite him joining BLM protests during COVID.

Trudeau responded that he doesn’t align with “hateful rhetoric, violence toward citizens, and disrespect of science.”

Though Trudeau repeatedly and dishonestly characterized the Freedom Convoy as Nazis and racists, citing lone agitators who were quickly exposed and expelled from the event, videos from the ground show the exact opposite of Trudeau’s characterization.

In this video, a masker is holding a sign saying “Fuck Ur White Nationalism” before a local appears and demolishes the fake media-generated “racist” and “nazi” narrative.

This video shows the convoy participants shaming and expelling an agitator waving a Confederate flag, contradicting Trudeau’s narrative that the convoy is comprised of Nazis and racists.

Plenty of videos on social show many non-white Canadians telling off Trudeau and praising the Freedom Convoy for resisting the COVID tyranny.

The Freedom Convoy reportedly has provisions to remain outside the Parliament for 2 to 4 years, with over $10 million crowdfunded for the convoy in just days.

Watch Trudeau’s full remarks:


  1. It is what narcissists/psychopaths/people without souls do, they always project their own evil (they are the real nazis) onto any detractors, onto those they intend to victimlze and destroy.
    It is classic evil in their struggle against God and the truth=they lie.
    Science is an agreed upon bunch of lies that all scientists agree are true. They don’t know anything and are working towards the destruction of earth as a consequence because they asume if they all agree it must be true.
    The same with money. You all agree to assign metal and paper a specific value and agree that it has that value. No one points out the truth=its true value is for the NWO/World Bankers/Luciferianfallen angles to get you to destroy your souls and destroy all life on earth via wars until they own the entire earth and make it their new kingdom of Hell their one world order. Their one world religion will be MONEY=via the mark of the beast digital ID system that will turn you intolobotomised robot slaves with no free will. Toys for satan o abuse and use to gratify his sadism.
    The truth is: God created you and LOVES you and can do mirricles and is ALL POWERFUL.
    He is in control and is testing you.
    Who do you worship and love? Science and its lies=God does not exist, money and its lies, your God must be your slave/money that gets you what you really want=to devolve into a soulless psychopath?
    There are greed upon lies that stupid people believe to be true, and then their is the truth.
    TRUTH is oneness with creation and following its laws=onness with God=evolution higher=eternal life.
    The people of God/truth/love who can evolve higher i
    more into the image and likeness of God, are being separated from those who belive in satan’s lies, who are willing to do waht Truedodo did: sell their souls to have that lie, and what thet lie falsely tells them will be their reward=NOTHING but eternal HELL=total separation from God and a future to only have the possibility to continually devolve into a demonic entitiy.
    It is on the line now/this is the final test/a new world is coming for everyone=a new age of love and truth and Peace if you end all lies and refuse all liars=who are all psychopaths=devolved into demonic subhuman aliens destined for eternal Hell.
    You have free will to choose now, but not after transhumanism that is beginning now with 5G, WAR=cloned soldiers with no souls/implants into your bodies changes of DNA=scanners for eyes, interchangable mechanical limbs etc.
    You will each enter a new wold soon at the final judgement very soon.
    The liars and those who believe/agree with lies=that they are true, atre going to Hell permanently.
    Only those who seek the TRUTH will be set free.
    The devil has set up money and freemasonry for a reason: he has placed his believers all the top people freemasons into the highest places of authority and power to take you all to Hell, to be his toys. Your conciousness is forever, your free will stops permently in HELL. You do not want to go there. However people like Truedodo want you to go there and they will always and only use LIES to make you destroy your own souls and spend eternity in Hell. There is absolutly nothing good in Hell. No life, just conciousness in total misery and pain.

    • Agree with you except about science and scientists. My husband is a scientist who has devoted his life to the truth in science and there are many like him. Problem is most of the good ones have had their lives/reputations threatened and chased out of the field of science. There was a reporter who reported on over 200 murdered biologists in just a few yrs but she had to quit reporting because her life was threatened. Dr. Fauci has been destroying science and people’s trust in science since early 1980s. He is beyond evil and has murdered probably millions of people. If you want to blame someone for the evil in science, blame him and others like him. They have utterly destroyed science. I’m old enough to remember when science was real and could be trusted. What is presented today is not science. My husband was a virologist who has over 50 yrs research under his belt – he knew this whole thing was a scam soon as it started and tried to tell everyone he could – but at the time no one wanted to believe him including his own twin brother.

        • You are too lazy to read my comment and therefore you won’t learn anything new – yet you declare science to be wrong? If you’re too lazy to learn anything then you have NO business weighing in on science.

  2. That’s where the level of intelligent debate is in 2022. Accuse the other side of being Nazis and that’s the end of it.

    You’d hope for more from a world leader. But no chance.

    I really give up sometimes.

    R.I.P Godwin’s Law.

    R.I.P common sense.

  3. … this comes from the soy boy who insists that he will not be intimidated standing outside the secret hideout where he ran to after finding out truckers were on their way…. Good one Justine!

  4. Has he been vaccinated Did anyone actually see the vaccine used? Or just a picture of a syringe possibly containing nothing but water or saline.
    Anyway remember when they say x died of covid RELATED symptoms that includes adverse reactions to their vaccine as the cause of death. You can bet.

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