Mel Gibson: Global Elites Will Keep Dying To Make Way For The Antichrist

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High-ranking global elites will continue dying in unprecedented numbers according to Mel Gibson who warns that the season of Illuminati blood sacrifices has arrived, and the old guard of the global elite are in the process of being slaughtered like cloven-hoofed beasts.

High-ranking global elites will continue dying in unprecedented numbers according to Mel Gibson who warns that the season of Illuminati blood sacrifices has arrived, and the old guard of the global elite are in the process of being slaughtered like cloven-hoofed beasts.

We have seen an extraordinary number of high-ranking global elites pass from this earth to the next in recent times. Queen Elizabeth, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and most recently Lord Jacob Rothschild himself.

According to Gibson, these elites are returning to their demonic form in order to better support the Antichrist from the lower realms as he assumes his position on the world’s throne as the king of kings.

If Gibson is correct, Francis, Soros and Schwab are next in line to pop their clogs. But it’s not all good news. The devil is not even bothering to hide anymore and yet people still don’t want to believe he exists.

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Where is Kate Middleton? It is safe to say that something very strange is taking place at the highest echelons of occult globalist power.

At the weekend we had the viral video of the two black horses and one white horse with the colors covered.

While the mainstream media tried to convince the masses that there was an innocent explanation for the event, those who understand the Royal’s connections to the occult knew that it was a sign that something very important was about to happen at the top of the Illuminati power hierarchy.

As it turns out, they were right and the mainstream media were wrong. Again.

The very next day, Lord Jacob Rothschild himself, international financier and key figure in the Rothschild dynasty, was pronounced dead.

Chalk this one up as another win for the so-called conspiracy theorists.

According to the mainstream media, Lord Rothschild, who enjoyed posing in front of paintings of Satan with Marina Abramovic and other occultists, was just a bumbling old man whose family happened to define various periods in financial history, and bankrolled social and economic upheavals, not to mention bankrolling both sides in every major war since the days of Napoleon.

Lord Rothschild also boasted that his family were instrumental in behind-the-scenes negotiations that resulted in Great Britain’s Balfour Declaration pledging to establish “a national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine in 1917, which later led to the creation of Israel.

The creation of the state of Israel was a crucial moment in New World Order world history that they don’t teach you in school text book or history degrees.

A letter written by Albert Pike in 1871 predicted both the First and Second World Wars and claimed that there will be a third global conflict – involving the state of Israel, which did not exist at the time.

Albert Pike was a 33rd degree, Freemason Occultist Grand Master and creator of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Masonic Scottish Rite Order as well as a satanist.

According to Pike:

“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.

Make no mistake, the Rothschilds are New World Order royalty.

Who else gets to poke the future King of England in the chest?

Lord Jacob Rothschild’s death wasn’t the only peculiar incident to follow the highly symbolic pageantry of the white horse in Whitehall last weekend.

Earlier this week Prince William pulled out of an important event for the Royal Family with no further explanation given. This is very unusual behavior for a senior Royal, much less the heir to the throne who has never been known to break royal etiquette in the past.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton hasn’t been seen in public since the 25th of December. Not a peep.

Then on Tuesday it was announced that a senior member of the Royal Family with links to global finance had been found dead at his residential address in the Cotswolds. While the Royal Family have kept the details of Thomas Kingston’s death private, family statements suggest the son-in-law of the Duke of Kent took his own life.

This is noteworthy because the Duke of Kent is considered to be the most powerful Freemason not just in England but one of the most powerful in the world.

His son-in-law appears to have been deeply involved in the family business, having worked for a connected global finance company called ‘Voltan Capital Management’.

Take a look at the occult imagery on this company’s website.

Why did these high-ranking Royal Freemasons, whose website is peppered with highly suggestive occult imagery, name their company Voltan Capital Management?

Voltan was a Mayan God and part of the worship of him was – you guessed it – human sacrifice.

There is nothing that arouses the elite quite like human sacrifice.

King Charles’ first wife Princess Diana warned her butler in the months before her death that Charles was plotting to murder her and make it look like a car accident – the ultimate human sacrifice.

Now we have Kate Middleton completely missing from the public eye, King Charles’s cancer declaration, Jacob Rothschild dead, Duke of Kent’s Son-in-Law dead, Henry Kissinger dead, David Rockefeller dead, all in the wake of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, the most blatant and shameless occult event of the last hundred years.

As Mel Gibson explains, this is simply a demonic changing of the guard making way for something much more dark and powerful, the Antichrist and the New World Order.

Along with Lord Rothschild, the old guard are now departing en masse to the demonic realms of the lower Astral to be welcomed home by their fellow demons who have been manipulating human society for aeons.

A demonic changing of the guard – for now. Making way for something much more dark and powerful. The antichrist himself.

According to Gibson, the Illuminati elite have gone into overdrive in recent years promoting their evil agenda on the world stage, preparing humanity for the next stage of their Luciferian master plan.

Explaining that he has met Prince William twice and the heir to the throne always has demonic entities trailing along behind him, Gibson also claims that William has already taken up the role behind the scenes and this fact is an open secret among the global elite.

Gibson is far from the only member of entertainment industry elite dropping hints about the Illuminati’s plans. Insiders are coming forward with shocking information more than any other time in history. Celebrities are breaking down, exposing their mind control. Others like Gibson are hinting to associates about what they know.

The evidence against the global elite is damning and is continuing to grow.

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