Clinton Judge Sentences Mom to 3 Months in Prison for Bringing Teenage Son to J6 Protest

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Clinton-appointed judge sentences mom to prison for attending J6 protest with her teenage son

A Clinton-appointed judge has sentenced a mother to three months in federal prison for the “crime” of attending the January 6 protest with her teenage son.

Presumably the reason for the lengthy prison sentence is that Virginia Spencer took her 14-year-old son to the Capitol that day. Her husband, Christopher Spencer, who has pleaded not guilty, faces three years of federal probation.

Per CNN:

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly rebuked Virginia Spencer for bringing her child and questioned whether she had accepted responsibility for her role in the insurrection.

“This isn’t like a school or a tourist trip,” Kollar-Kotelly said.

The sentence includes a term of three years’ probation, which other federal judges have shied away from combining with jail time for misdemeanor defendants.


Before handing down her sentence, Kollar-Kotelly said she found “it very hard to comprehend…why you would bring a 14-year-old minor son to the Capitol,” adding that it showed a “lack of judgment.”

“Law enforcement had weapons, some of the [rioters] had weapons,” the judge said. “This isn’t like a school or a tourist trip. … I don’t understand but I sincerely hope he is alright,” Kollar-Kotelly continued, suggesting that it could have been “traumatic” for the boy. reports: So far, roughly 70 of the more than 700 people who were arrested for attending the impromptu rally have been sentenced; only 30 of them have received jail time. The harshest sentence appears to be the five-year prison term that one participant received for attacking the Capitol Police with a poll and throwing a fire extinguisher at one.


  1. And what’s the chances Colleen’s a good Catholic school girl whose very angry with Virginia for abandoning St Trinian’s core principles and going right.

  2. 78 years old and she wont let go of her power.
    She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Catholic University of America (Delta Epsilon Honor Society) and her Juris Doctor from Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law (Moot court Board of Governors) in 1968.

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