Biden Gleefully Announces ‘Forced Vaccinations’ for ALL U.S. Troops

Fact checked
Biden announces forced vaccinations for all U.S. military personnel

President Biden gleefully offered his full support for the forced vaccination of all U.S. military troops on Monday, despite the fact that the White House does not require their staff to be vaccinated.

The CDC, NIH and FDA will not require their employees to be vaccinated.  However, the Biden administration, NIH, FDA and the CDC all enthusiastically support the forced vaccination of U.S. military service-members. reports: The Obama people are pretty smart on this.  They can use the avatar of Joe Biden to push much further than they would if Obama was on point and visible.  Essentially they can use Biden to push just about anything, at any extreme, because he is entirely disposable.   Joe Biden is both jetsam and flotsam at the same time.

A very unique and devious dynamic.