Armed Antifa Hunt Down Christians in Portland – Media Blackout

Fact checked
Armed Antifa terrorists hunt down Christians in Portland - media blackout

Armed Antifa terrorists openly hunted down Christians in Portland on Sunday night, attacking them with missiles and pepper spray while attempting to murder them.

Numerous videos out of Portland show Antifa thugs attempting to kill attendees of an Evangelical Christian music event in downtown Portland.

After assaulting attendees of the festival the previous day, Antifa members regrouped to make their attacks more deadly later that night. reports: However, as soon as night fell and the larger crowd dispersed, Antifa sought to pick off attendees one by one as they chased them on the streets and attacked them with missiles and pepper spray.

“Go hit that car! Hit that car!” one individual shouts as the mob chase down the Christians.

Chunks of concrete were also thrown.

Antifa scumbags also threw fireworks at the Christian attendees.

Another video shows a man armed being verbally abused by Antifa members (the only reason they don’t physically attack him being the fact that he’s armed with a rifle).

The Antifa extremists demand the man be arrested by the same police they want to defund and abolish.

The clashes continued all throughout the night.

Hans, are we the baddies?


  1. Why wouldn’t they, their ancestors had Jesus crucified? Christian zionist actually back them 1000% and our politicians kneel down before them.

  2. if this story was true in my neighborhood, there would be a lot of dead antifa laying around and many more running and hiding. I wish these jokers would try that around here. bring it on.

  3. We need more outrage.
    If you live in an area like Portland, and you don’t want to leave, please don’t. But…surround yourself with like minded people at all hours. These roaches spend the afternoons observing and planning for isolated individuals after dark like the jackals they are. Don’t allow it. They are greatly outnumbered, just like politicians vs constituants.

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