BUSTED: Secret Hollywood Pharmacy Caught Selling Adrenochrome Pills to Elite Celebrities

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An elite pharmacy in Los Angeles has been busted selling adrenochrome pills to Hollywood executives and celebrities according to an LAPD source who reveals the ancient drug sourced from tortured and murdered children is booming in popularity in Tinseltown.

An elite pharmacy in Los Angeles has been busted selling adrenochrome pills to Hollywood executives and celebrities according to an LAPD source who reveals the ancient drug sourced from tortured and murdered children is booming in popularity in Tinseltown.

According to law enforcement, Hollywood elites believe the more the child has suffered, the better the high. They believe the negative emotions that were coursing through the kid’s body, the adrenaline and terror, will give them health benefits and special powers. It’s a Hollywood thing influenced by old school Satanism and they believe they are untouchable because they own everything including the media.“

Unfortunately for the elite, they can’t pay for our silence and we are determined to expose their crimes against children to the masses. Buckle up, this one is going to get wild.

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It’s not just Hollywood. Wherever the global elite gather, adrenochrome dealers can be found cashing in on the elites’ need for children’s blood. It didn’t take long for TPV researchers to find adrenocrhome available for sale in Davos, the home of the World Economic Forum.

Meanwhile, in South Korea, officials have captured smuggled drug capsules containing the powdered flesh of dead babies.

According to customs officials, the capsules were made from babies who were chopped into pieces and dried on stoves before being dried into powder form for the depraved pleasure of the Satanic elite.

Make no mistake, adrenochrome is a big business, growing annually, with customers around the world. Why are the mainstream media keeping it under wraps? Because the addicts are those who have sold their souls to the darkest forces in the universe to gain money, power and achieve their ruthless ambitions.

Take Barack Obama, for example. His older brother Malik went on record this week accusing the former president of being addicted to adrenochrome, the elites’ drug of choice.

But it’s not just a problem that exists in global elite headquarters like Hollywood, Davos, and Martha’s Vineyard.

Adrenochrome is a problem that has existed for centuries and it has users worldwide.

Planned Parenthood executives have been caught harvesting the organs and body parts of children for the VIP elite – and boasting about the luxury items and lavish lifestyles that the trade in dead children affords them.

Dr. Mary Gatter, the director of the Los Angeles branch of Planned Parenthood, was caught on video negotiating the price of very specific body parts favored by the elites who use the body parts in the consumption of adrenochrome.

This video is particularly revealing because Dr. Gatter specifically confirms she is willing to provide thymus-liver pairs to the prospective buyer. She also confirms that she has colleagues in other parts of California selling the same body parts to elite buyers.

It’s no surprise Dr. Gatter discusses the thymus gland and liver. According to peer reviewed medical literature, the thymus gland and the liver are the two main organs used in the production of adrenochrome.

This is damning stuff, caught on film, and yet mainstream media is attempting to run cover for Planned Parenthood and the Hollywood elite they service. Unfortunately for the mainstream media, we have the receipts coming up that prove the global elite are bloodsucking vampires.

Mainstream media are flying in the face of long-accepted science and knowledge when they try and protect the the global elite by claiming adrenochrome is nothing more than a wild conspiracy theory.

It’s no surprise that Hollywood pharmacies are dealing in baby blood and Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Gatter happened to be in Los Angeles when she was caught negotiating the price of body parts.

Actor Jim Caviezel, who played the role of Jesus in Mel Gibson’s epic Passion of the Christ, has gone on record admitting that children are being kidnapped and trafficked by Hollywood elites.

Caviezel addressed the issue of child trafficking in Hollywood, revealing that entertainment industry elite are “raping and murdering” children for adrenochrome.

Caviezel is not the only celebrity blowing the whistle on the gruesome vice of the elite.

In 2016 WikiLeaks emails confirmed what many people had long suspected – Hillary Clinton worships Moloch, the pagan god of child sacrifice.

And Mel Gibson, who directed Caviezal in The Passion of the Christ and is now working on The Sound of Freedom, also went on record denouncing Hollywood as a “den of parasites” who “feast on the blood of kids.”

Hollywood studios are “drenched in the blood of innocent children” according to Gibson who claimed the consumption of “baby blood is so popular in Hollywood that it basically operates as a currency of its own.

The mainstream media quickly pounced on Gibson’s revelations, deployed fact checkers including Snopes to declare the comments fake news, and proceeded to delete every video and article from the internet. In short, the mainstream media memory-holed them. Mel Gibson’s voice was silenced.

A celebrity cannot speak out against the system without being silenced and punished. Gibson’s career has not been the same since.

That’s why it’s so important as many people as possible get to hear Jim Caviezal’s words before the mainstream media cancel him and destroy the evidence.

We have seen it happen so many times before. In recent times, Nicole Kidman and Lindsay Lohan also spoke out about pedophilia in Hollywood, before backtracking, attempting to cover their tracks, and pretending they never said what they did.

Close friends of Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Coolio and Anne Heche have come forward with remarkably similar stories, revealing the stars were working on exposing the pedophile ring at the heart of the music industry – and it cost them their lives.

These are dark times and bravery is required to live with eyes wide open.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Thanks to the bravery of people like yourself, the masses are beginning to wake up and the evildoers are not having everything their own way.

Take Planned Parenthood for example. The walls are closing in on the perverts and depopulationists.

Their director of strategic communications was found dead in April after police uncovered evidence of a pedophile network at his home.

Tim Yergeau, 36, was found dead in his Connecticut apartment from apparent suicide shortly after he was implicated by police in a child sex investigation.

In December last year, Bill Taverner, a director for Planned Parenthood claimed that in his opinion children should be treated as “sexual beings” from the moment they exit the womb. Speaking to an interviewer in 2012, Taverner argued online pornography could be “useful” to youngsters.

After the People’s Voice exposed Taverner’s Satanic beliefs, Fox News Digital dug up similar appalling statements from Taverner’s Center for Sex Ed with one document, titled, “Fundamentals of Teaching Sexuality,” claiming, “sexuality is a part of life through all the ages and stages. Babies, elders, and everyone in between can experience sexuality.” 

The world is run by psychopathic pedophiles and perverts and it is our duty to expose them one by one, tear down the walls that have been erected to protect them, and hold them all to account for their crimes.

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