You Need A Drone To See The Bigger Picture

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Drone technology has evolved in recent years leading to a multitude of applications for the remote control aircraft.

Drones can be purchased easily online and with a little practice and training can give advantages to their users that are dimensionally different.

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Current Consumer Uses for Drones

The current consumer use of drones have been very eye opening to say the least in terms of advantages they can provide to the public. Although the public has been informed in regards to the Amazon delivery service with drones or the capabilities drones can provide for filming and photography services, the public use of drones has dabbled in:

  • Aerial Services for Crops – Farmers have used drones to monitor their crops. This not only beats having to walk acres to survey how the crops are doing, but infrared technology can determine if plants are sick and need special attention.
  • Fighting Wildfires – Drones can actually track a wildfire’s movement and determine how to put out a fire. It not only makes the act of putting out a wildfire more efficient and cost effective, but it saves lives as the drone can handle the dirty work.
  • Fighting Crime – As drones are fairly new to the market, many police departments have picked up drones for surveillance purposes to make their job a bit easier for investigating. Being that no laws exist for drones as of yet, it can keep police at a safe distance until action is deemed necessary.
  • Medicine Transportation – Remote African villages can rejoice as there’s finally a way to transport time sensitive medicine to areas that provide difficult travel routes in time of urgency.
  • Delivering Pizza – Earth’s favorite food can finally receive the royal treatment it deserves… arriving to your doorstep via drone in less time than an automobile. Also, when was the last time you gave a robot a tip for their service? Exactly.
  • Journalism – Investigating from a distance has never been easier. For the journalist side of the coin, there’s no need for permits and there’s no “Do Not Cross” line in the sky.
  • Selling Real Estate – Drones filming real estate looks incredible and truly gives the interested party a look at the neighborhood and home from a bird’s eye view.
  • Monitoring Wildlife – A drone can effectively monitor animals in the wildlife without having to occupy their living areas. What’s great about drones providing this service is the fact that they can survey endangered animals and keep track of behavior patterns before possible extinction.
  • Emergency Medical Attention – This may be one of the best possibilities under development. A medical student from Austria was developing a program whereas a drone could drop off a defibrillator to revive a heart attack victim… long before an EMT could arrive to the scene. Under development, the future of saving lives is looking bright.
  • Oil Rig Inspection – With an oil rig being very hard for human upkeep, a drone can easily monitor and inspect from a safe distance.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s possible with drones at your service. Now that these uses have created some momentum in your brain of how you can have a drone deliver a bag of ice to the beach, here’s how you can incorporate a drone into your vacation plans.

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Drone mania

Drones On Vacation

So if the question still stands as what a drone can do for your vacation… simply take a look around you! Whether visiting a usual vacation spot or an uncharted territory, a drone can put a new spin on how you view it and what’s possible. A simple search online shows some of the creative ways people have utilized a drone for filming vacations in a way that everyone present can enjoy (without a person being stuck behind a camera). Whether using a drone for food delivery, medical assistance, investigating from a bird’s eye view, or simply capturing a celebration from above ground level… drones are here to assist in times of human relaxation.

Arizona trampoline cliff jumping
Arizona trampoline cliff jumping


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