Thousands of U.S. Christians Fleeing to Russia: “Evil Wokeness Is Not Welcome Here”

Fact checked
Thousands of Christians are fleeing USA to Russia to escape evil 'wokeness'

Thousands of Christians are fleeing America to live in Russia as fugitives from the ‘evil wokeness’ that has infested the United States of America.

In an interview on the Rossiya-1 TV channel on Saturday, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, was asked to comment on why so many Christians have emigrated from the US to Russia:

“We’re free from the most powerful influences from abroad. We’re developing in accordance with our own path and, by God’s will, our path shall be successful. Russia can serve as an example for others,” Krill said.

“We have many problems, but these problems are solvable.” 

Speaking about the state of Russian society, the patriarch said, “We currently don’t have a hot-button issue that would make societal interests collide and produce deep, irreconcilable contradictions.”

He added that the country benefited from a healthy diversity of opinion that “doesn’t destroy the foundations of human … and spiritual life.”


  1. They’re idiots Although I KNOWa lot if them are just fake Christians who are really going to Russia to open the drug markets and networks and subvert Russia with drug trafficking and money laundering just like theyve done to the west. The globalist who want to privatise everything under one rule of law.

  2. When are you gonna stop running away?
    And what’s the point of this bull$hit report?
    People relocate all the time.
    SERIOUSLY doubt they’re moving just because of that.

    • And I doubt Russias giving them pr unless they’re paying a lot ta US dollars. Russias not got woke because they never needed to but African slaves from England as they had excess supply of peasants anyway already handy and desperate for work for pennies. And for gay rights, ha, you never needed them there. They were the last great pagan nation on earth and really didn’t have “Christian” values like the puritan West anyway, but they did pretend at least Put on a show. Look a heap of vodka soaked hornt young hard working people are going to do what they like when they like with whoever they like and that’s all there is to it. Kyrrils a crap artist.

  3. I hate propaganda artists and I know kyrils full of it. For a state he accepted the Pope as leader of the Russian orthodox Church, in effect, really years ago In almost Secrecy too
    And he’s done other deals with capitalists to set up. Russia as a deceiver a liar a fraud and a fake in order to save his own position and live in his Palace. They’re all contemptible actually if you look beneath their veneers. And people are either stupid or corrupt or both.

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