BBC ‘Surprised’ Parents Upset by ISIS-Style Beheading In Kids Cartoon

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A BBC children’s program featuring an evil piece of terrorist toast bombing and then beheading an innocent boiled egg has upset a lot of parents

Angry parents have criticized the clip for promoting “extreme violence”, while the BBC claim that they are “surprised” that audiences were offended by it.

“The Ooglies” episode called “Toast Soldiers 1” also includes an explosive grape ‘grenade’ and strawberry jam ‘blood’.

In light of the recent events ‘ISIS style killing’ this is not something parents are comfortable about letting their children watch.

Take a look at the clip below and remember, this is a show intended for young children.

RT reports: Upset mother, Angela Halliwell from South London, said she has complained to Ofcom (the UK’s TV and radio regulator) because she feels it will lead kids to “think extreme violence like beheading is normal”, she told The Sun.

Criticism of the episode has divided Twitter opinion. Some users agree the show went too far and some argue people are too sensitve:

“Ooglies is a popular slapstick comedy series that depicts all sorts of food getting into scrapes with each other. This clip involving a boiled egg and toast is no different and we would be surprised if our audiences read anything more into it”, a spokesperson for the BBC told

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