CNN: Journalists Risk More For America Than Veterans

Fact checked
CNN say its journalist risk more than veterans

CNN Tonight host Don Lemon told viewers on Thursday that being a journalist is more dangerous than being a U.S. soldier fighting in a war zone.

In an unhinged rant to viewers, Lemon and CNN Contributor Brian Karem claimed that journalists risk more for America than any veteran ever has. reports: “Well, it shows you the dangers of this job,” Lemon began.

“So many people throw out terms about journalists and say really derogatory things about journalists, but our jobs are very dangerous and many times we go into a war zone,” Lemon continued. “This turned into a war zone today without anyone having to go overseas and put on flak jackets.”

Karem then chimed in, “I’ve served in a war zone and it didn’t feel like this. I got a couple of of threats today after the shooting. People saying I don’t deserve to breathe air and that — why am I alive.”

He continued, “And they send it to our newspaper and they send them to other newspapers. And that’s the new reality in which we live.”

Karem then compared journalism in the United States to “the ranks of Russia and third world nations where reporters lives aren’t safe.”


  1. rubbish .Even though it is more dangerous to drive your car to and from work than any other role or job on earth According to statistics And journalists have aided and abetted wart mongers and revolutionaries and so been accomplices or accessories to the most horrendous evils and injustices and deceits the world has ever seen..

  2. Don Lemon is a dickhead……. and another thing……Why is he always picking his nose?…. Worms?

  3. When he said this is a WAR ZONE I lost it!

    Lemon, stop playing games with America.
    This is real life, get rid of your XBOX and sign up for the US MARINES.
    But maybe you like being in the snowflake brigade telling the remaining 1000 viewers just how great you are and what you risk every day for your CNN Masters.
    The only risk you take is accidentally telling America the TRUTH. But that is why you have a chain of command so the TRUTH never gets out, GOT IT?
    So keep on putting your make-up on each and everyday before you go to battle.
    And when you come home from a hard days work, make sure you take your make-up off and put on moisturizer and maybe sliced cucumbers on your eyes and fall asleep on your nice crisp sheets. Sweet dreams snowflake.

  4. Send the idiot shill to Mexico. He may then learn what real journalists face. PS Send him there with only a tourist visa and see what happens to him when the visa expires.

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