FCC Rules That Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ Is Unconstitutional

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FCC rules Biden's ministry of truth us completely unconstitutional

FCC commissioner Brendan Carr has declared that President Biden’s new ‘Ministry of Truth‘ is completely unconstitutional and therefore illegal in the United States.

Carr appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s show, Mornings with Maria, and called for President Joe Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board (DGB) to be abolished as soon as possible.

“Sometimes the threats to our liberty come dressed up in sheep’s clothing, but this wolf comes as a wolf,” Carr said, citing the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. “This is Orwellian; it’s un-American; it’s unconstitutional. The very best time to shut this down was before the DHS ever announced it, the second best time is right now.” 

“This type of board was always going to be a dumpster fire, uh, but the particular director that they chose to run it is just throwing more gas on it,” he warned.

Newsbusters.org reports: The infamous director of the DGB is none other than Nina Jankowicz, who was widely mocked for a TikTok video in which she sang a peppy show tune about the dangers of disinformation. She even christened herself the “Mary Poppins of disinformation” on Twitter. 

The MRC further exposed the DGB’s leftist bent in an exclusive May 6 story that found board co-leader Jennifer Daskal had at least three close ties to liberal billionaire and Democrat megadonor George Soros.

Bartiromo jumped in and uncovered the hypocrisy behind leftist activist types like Jankowicz leading the charge against supposed disinformation:

“This woman Nina Jankowicz was among those people saying that Trump colluded with Russia, that Hunter Biden’s laptop was fake,” she said. “All of this is obvious that the disinformation is coming from that side.” 

Jankowicz incorrectly labeled the Hunter Biden laptop story a “fairly tale” [stet] on Twitter and wrongly cited intelligence officials who claimed that the story was Russian disinformation. The existence of the laptop has since been confirmed by The Washington Post. She’s even on record pushing blatant misinformation about Trump allegedly colluding with Russia.

Carr agreed with Bartiromo’s assessment, saying that Jankowicz has a clear history of spreading misinformation herself. “This is a person” who claimed that “it’s really liberals that are being shadowbanned on the Internet, not conservatives,” Carr said. These aren’t isolated pinpricks. This is a broader effort by this administration to drive dissent from the public square.” 

Carr didn’t stop there. He emphasized that “there’s a broader game afoot,” pointing to a controversial DHS bulletin on terrorism from February. The DHS cried that foreign and domestic purveyors of “mis- dis- and mal-information” were threats to the security of the United States. 


  1. Antonino Scaly was the culprit that removed religious freedom and made the SCOTUS the God of what religious beliefs were valid. He did it by denying 7th day adventists their medical beliefs. Yet he did nothing to derail the Church of Satan.
    Wasn’t he the guy suffocated at pedo ranch by the 16 yo toy boy that Obomo flew there straight away to make sure the whole story was covered up. A wolf in wolfs clothing.

    • BS NINO tony was a great guy and defended america like no other judge ever has and TRUMP and his son said the fake press was after him.he did some great things for every american yes there are some issues that not everyone would agree on but overall he did more for america than any judge DRED Scott? and the medal of freedom from trump?Your no poindexter DUDE`

    • The judges fight over the constitution where as the ellected DON`t and dodge it all the time for a platform living

  2. It doesn’t take a constitutional scholar to know that this minsitry of truth is unconstitutional. wow. where is the the complete and total outrage with the public? This is grounds for burning down government buildings for real. But what ever.

    • NIno was a consitutional scholar and keep the constitution intacked and was awarded the medal of freedom by trump

  3. Yep… So… Anyone going to do anything about it? Biden? Congress? No-one? Ok then. Guess we’ll have to live with a Orwellian Ministry of Truth.

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